Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Realize the true potential of your services with integrated Lead, quote, contract and Order to Cash Solutions and accelerate your growth with right customer management solutions

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Efficient revenue and customer management are the cornerstones of a successful business. Even as most businesses launch into digital, 5G, and IoT related services, robust business support systems to manage billing, order management, and customer relationships have become indispensable to sustainable success. Aarav Solutions enables hassle-free lead, quote, contract, and order to cash solutions for revenue and customer management to businesses across the globe. In the past decade, we have successfully completed large-scale projects and developed business adaptive solutions that can easily be upgraded and aligned with the changes in your business environment.

An ideal Revenue and Customer Management Solution

The objective behind developing high-impact lead/quote to order to cash cycles is to help your business get ahead of the competition, reduce risk, increase revenue margins, and result in healthy working capital. Here’s a look at how it’s done:

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Lead, Contract and Quote management

The first point of interaction, which enables effective sales funnel management, quote, and contract revision, and interactions with customers.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Order management

The Order to Cash cycle begins when a customer places an order. The system notifies the relevant departments and kicks off the order fulfillment process.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Automated credit management

Credit approvals for first time customers are routed to an automated process of approval or denial. The system routes returning customers with prior credit approval directly to fulfillment.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Inventory Management

One of the key components of the order to cash process is inventory management. Updated inventory records based on inputs from sales ensure accuracy in inventory acquisition and order fulfillment.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions


Product logistics govern the process of order shipping. Data from order fulfillment functions flows to shipping department for cost effective and smooth order shipping.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Billing / Invoicing

An automated flow of information from critical data points like order specifics, costs, credit terms, dates etc. is routed to invoicing. This helps to avoid errors and delays.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions

Processing outstanding invoices

Outstanding invoices are flagged and the required data is reviewed in the order management system to avoid delayed payments.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions


Defaulting customers are automatically flagged and upon placing the next order, the automated system notifies the customer of their pending payment.

Revenue and Customer Management Solutions


Data from every department in the order fulfillment process helps in relevant reporting for performance tracking and customer relationship management.

Take the first steps to transformation

We understand nothing is ideal when it comes to business. As a technology partner, Aarav Solutions provides clients with the best fit solutions that are customized to their business needs. Here’s how we do this:

Transformation Diagram

Step 1: Understanding your business need

The Aarav Solutions team works alongside your IT team to understand the nature of your business first-hand. We understand the business practices and each user group's stories to find the best fit.

Step 2:Finding the best fit

As experts in various commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and our in-house product engineering teams, we deliberate upon finding a tech solution that is best suited to your unique business goals.

Step 3: Design, Develop & Implement

Our team of consultants, work with each user groups to prepare for agile delivery and key concepts for 360 degree focus on design, deploy, migrate and maintain throughout the digital transformation process.

Aarav Solutions Advantage

  • growOur Expert Domain consultants are focused on finding revenue management solutions that reduce costs and downtime for your business while creating a new digital experience for your customers.
  • growThe Implementation Accelerators are designed based on our extensive experience to accelerate the process of implementation. Our Quick Start program gets your business up and running in 100 days.
  •  grow Automate your mundane tasks with a product designed to    integrate multiple solutions across the cycle using Adptx Comm-DevOps, for smoother information exchange, billing process automation analytics, and reporting.
  • growMaintain & manage your business operations effectively with insights from our Adptx Comm – AIOps solution which is AI and machine learning based cloud native solution.
  •      grow Expertise in cloud infrastructure technologies and cloud native solutions for designing, developing, and deploying COTS or proprietary cloud solutions.

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