Benchmarking Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) platform processes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Aarav Solutions Extensive Research And First Of Its Kind Benchmarking Process For Oracle BRM On AWS

Communications being the backbone of all the personal, commercial & industrial growth provides an immense opportunity of large data production through the usage of the broadband, telecom or IoT (Internet of Things). The billing & rating platforms are handling a large part of this traffic hence, it becomes essential that the platforms used are to be benchmarked to create a precedent for upcoming traffic, it’s pattern and the high-volume handling capabilities.

Aarav Solutions conducted an extensive performance benchmarking process to measure the performance of a batch of various Oracle Billing and Revenue Management v 7.5 (BRM) components, for several crucial process workloads, customer/subscriber accounts, Paying account, CDRs volume to evaluate linear scalability and throughput. One hundred million CDRs (Call Data Record) were modelled over AWS cloud infrastructure.

The key topics in this whitepaper include:

  • Oracle BRM process test workload description, performance, and architecture
  • Performance scenarios and results for Migration, Rating and Billing for 1million customer accounts and 100million Call Data Records (CDRs)
  • Strategy and Execution for best results

This document offers plethora of information and real-time aspects of benchmarking and tuning process for Oracle BRM 7.5 on AWS.