SAP Implementation Services

Benefit from global integration of business processes with SAP.

SAP Implementation Services

Aarav Solutions is a leading name in SAP implementation services. For CRM and enterprise solutions Aarav Solutions collaborates with SAP to provide our enterprise clients with customized new-age digital solutions to help transform business processes for the future. SAP is a secure and innovative means of global integration of business processes while creating more efficiency and giving real time information to end-users.

With more than a decade of SAP implementation experience the Aarav Solutions team is a well-equipped partner for your digital transformation journey. We offer consultation, strategy and implementation services for SAP to help our clients combat business challenges in the digital age. Our expertise in a wide range of digital technologies pertaining to SAP including implementations of on-premise and cloud platform solutions, domain transformation and system conversion can give you an edge over the competition. Aarav Solutions has worked alongside clients to enable adoption of Internet of things (IoT), SAP implementation and core migration to SAP S4/HANA.


Project Planning & Preparation

Project Planning & Preparation

The first stage of project planning and preparation involves both Aarav Solutions and the client team. The objective is to create a roadmap for digital transformation and identify the potential roadblocks.



The second stage is blueprinting. At this stage, we estimate the costs involved including potential downtime and maintenance. Blueprinting refines the plan laid out in the first stage and enables experts from Aarav Solutions to find the most efficient and customized SAP solution for our clients.

SAP Implementation

SAP Implementation

The most crucial stage of this process is the implementation of the SAP solution created. This involves charting and migrating the data, data validation and client approval.

Testing & Training

Testing & Training

The final stage is dedicated to testing for system readiness. This is the time to push the new system live and train the end-users to work on the new SAP enabled system and provide feedback.

Aarav Advantage

1. Robust delivery framework

Aarav Solutions offers one of the most stable and tested delivery framework in the industry. We offer quality assurance, risk management and change management as a part of our SAP services.

2. Project Management

Aarav Solutions Team consists of the most qualified and experienced technologists who work on the end to end implementation of the SAP solutions

3. Tools & Accelerators

Aarav Solutions uses SAP certified tools and accelerators for implementing SAP solutions for digital transformation at the customer end.

4. Due-diligence

The team at Aarav Solutions offers due diligence with pro-activeness to enable smooth transformation of systems to current versions.

5. Domain expertise

Aarav Solutions holds domain expertise for SAP and the team is widely experienced by having worked with numerous clients in diverse industries.


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