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We provide a diverse range of innovative services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, empowering them to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and stay ahead in the dynamic market.

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Unlock the Potential with Aarav Solutions.

  • Build the framework needed to support connected and autonomous vehicles and other automotive innovations.

  • Leverage a fully integrated ecosystem and a global connectivity platform for deploying connected and autonomous vehicles, in-vehicle systems, connected fleets, and the automotive factory of the future.

  • Power immersive in-vehicle experiences with fast and reliable connectivity, responsive networking, digital entertainment partners, and tech platforms for more robust customer experiences.

  • Get robust, end-to-end security solutions that proactively protect valuable company, vehicle, and customer data, fostering innovation.

Case Studies

Providing Personalized and Targeted Connected Car Order-to-Cash Solution for Automotive and Communications Industries

Our customer, the wholy owned U.S. Marketing entity of the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world a global automaker with 5% of the US Market of car sales and growing wanted to launch their own connected car solution to replace the service bureau that provided limited functionality,


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