Web 3.0 – The Next Internet Revolution on a Decentralized network

A Detailed viewpoint on Web 3.0, the next generation of web evolution on the internet. This will be more intelligent and decentralized in bringing a standardized shift through the use of advanced technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT, 5G, and Quantum computing.

Web 3.0 is developed to provide a perfect solution for the existing problems on the internet. It has been designed to address widespread problematic issues inherent in the current internet. This new internet revolution will establish an online ecosystem in which human-centric and highly personalized interactions will be norms. While the details of Web 3.0’s underlying architecture have yet to be established, it is increasingly likely that Web 3.0’s main features will be connected and enabled through decentralized technology.

Explore this whitepaper and know more about web 3.0 evolution.

About Author:

Dinesh Suthar – Principal Architect-Product Engineering & Innovations, Aarav Solutions




Dinesh is passionate about continuously challenging the status quo in support of adopting innovative approaches and technologies. He holds more than 17years of experience as a software professional, innovator, and leader designing E2E architecture, building complex application software/product, team building & mentoring, project budgeting, oracle database management, data migration, IT automation, designing solutions for OSS-BSS domains & oracle BRM in various industries like Broadband, VOIP, WIFI, Telecom, Digital Cable TV, Utility services, OTT. He enables key initiatives & organizations’ technology vision using innovative, emerging & results-oriented technologies like Cloud-native Microservices, CI/CD, IoT, AI, Hyperlegdger Blockchain. As Principal Architect for Adptx Suite products by Aarav Solutions, he designed end-to-end and led the product team to bring emerging technologies as an integral part of the Adptx Suite Subscriber management solution.