Enterprise Cloud Migration and Enablement

Ace the transition to cloud and step into the future.

Enterprise Cloud Migration and Enablement

Cloud computing has fast emerged as the buzz word in business in the last few years.The shift to cloud is happening faster than expected. Businesses everywhere are eager to modernize their processes and customer experiencesto reap the benefits of the cloud. Considering the fast paced adoption of cloud technology, we realized the need to accelerate our Oracle customers to the cloud as a part of their digital transformation initiatives.

In order to transition swiftly and efficiently, Aarav Solutions now offers acomprehensive migration service called Aarav Solution Lift and Shift. This enables our customers to outpace the competition, accelerate time-to-market, and innovate like never before.

The Lift & Shift Solution by Aarav Solutions is the best way to kick start your digital transformation journey. Aarav Solutions helps shift your core Oracle applications, including all the customizations needed to the Oracle Cloud. Aarav Solutions holds the rare expertise with all of the applications that make up the RODOD Suite and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Strategy & Consultancy

Strategy & Consultancy

Develop holistic approach to migrate Oracle business applications operating in internal or collocated Data Centers to the Oracle cloudwith minimal or no changes to the application itself.



We “lift” a running application from its existing environment and “shift” it to oracle cloud. Once your applications are in place, we’ll proactively support them for you, to ensure they continue to meet your business needs.

Tuning and Upgrade

Tuning and Upgrade

Upgrades are necessary part any application and also one of the riskiest maintenance procedures. Whether you want to upgrade to the latest version or fine tune your application on oracle cloud, Aarav Solutions is here to help.

Aarav Advantage

Migrating business applications to the cloud is a complex task. Aarav Solutions has the experience and expertise you need. We offer a low risk, hassle free migration to the cloud with a positive end-user experience. At Aarav Solutions, we –

  • Migrate Oracle applications to the cloud without impacting any business operations.
  • Work alongside the core business management to thoroughly understand business objectives and the reasons for cloud migration
  • Analyse the business application’s network and storage requirements, for accurate sizing and compatibility.
  • Draw out a migration plan which is cost efficient and time bound. This plan is refined further with discussions and suggestions from the business management.
  • Aarav Solutions specializes in Oracle Cloud. Migrating applications to the Oracle cloud gives access to tools to simplify app and database migration. The entire process can be automated.
  • Aarav Solutions Team can expertly modernize the client operations in the cloud while preserving the existing investments.

Aarav Solutions has time and again proved their expertise in migrating mission critical business applications to the Oracle Cloud without impacting business. We can transition your applications to the cloud in one cost effective and simplistic experience of lift and shift. We understand that cloud migration does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. It is important to create a customized migration plan based on client requirements and criticality of the application being migrated.


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