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Prabha Muthusamy Deciphers her Journey At Aarav Solutions

Prabha's Journey with Aarav Solutions

This is my heartfelt thank you message for our Founder and CEO, Raj Darji.

Aarav Solutions is the best place to work for women. And, without any hesitation, I can proudly tell every second person that my learnings grew at Aarav Solutions.

Last month, I successfully completed 6 years at Aarav Solutions. Back in 2016, 20th Jan – A date worth remembering!  From the very first day till now I have got the same warmth, support and love from the organization! Previously I have worked with an MNC for 3years and then became part of the Aarav family, which was  30 people strong in 2016. After that, there was no looking back! My entire career graph has been growing non-stop even at the present date.

Care! The constant factor

I think Raj, a very humble person, doesn’t consider the day but he considers investing value in his workforce. Whether it is a New joinee or any experienced leader, he has always kept his team at the top priority. His well-wishes are still in my memory lane! Here are glimpses of some of my conversations with him over the years

Day 1: Good to start a journey with you. Please, let us know if any help is required.

Day 1095: Doing a great job. Please, let us know if any help is required.

Day 2190: Doing a great job. Please, let us know if any help is required.

Days flew by, but the care never stopped. 

Best Place to work for Women!

A womens’ life is filled with a bunch of responsibilities, family, children, home, office, and so on. Flashback to the time when I got married it was time for re-location. Doubts and confusion have filled my mind about the working process, hours, and projects. And all this just vanished in some minutes because Aarav Solutions had put me in the best-fit position of the projects and did the relocation process very smoothly and quickly.

My gratitude towards this organization & Raj had reached heights when I got a surprising call from Raj one morning during my maternity leave, which also happened to be during the pandemic. His kind words were “Take care of yourself and your baby’s health & let me know if you need any help, the company is ready to help anytime” – an overwhelming moment for me. Getting such strong support from the Founder and CEO during maternity leave & an employee who is not at all working is not less than having good fortune.

Place where People are more important than Work!

Everyone knows the hectic life of a new mother. But only a few understand and support it. Like every new mom, my schedule was also restless with added responsibilities of motherhood. As my maternity leave got over I asked my superiors to change the project suitable to my new life. Yet again, their gentle responses were “Yeah we understand, we will try to do our best to find you the new project” And, as they promised, a new project was in my hands.

Another example, is when a person is sick and messages in WhatsApp group about it. What does a person expect? For rest, I don’t know but in Aarav Solutions, a sick person gets responses from the Raj like “Take care of yourself & let us know for any help needed” – again an overwhelming moment.

My Last Message

This is what Aarav Solutions stand for! Transparency, support, growth, & positive attitude every time. It is very rare to see such cooperative and friendly culture in an organization. And all this is only possible because of our most inspiring Founder and CEO, Raj Darji. Aarav Solutions has grown to have 180+ creative minds and I wish it to touch 10000+ workforce milestones soon!

I can proudly  say, Aarav Solutions is MY COMPANY and IS MY BACKBONE for being

  • A successful women
  • An outstanding Lead Engineer
  • A strong mother

If not for the support from Aarav Solutions, like many working mothers I would have quit my job after motherhood!

Now, I have entered into my 7th year of tenure with Aarav Solutions. And every person not only respects me for my technical knowledge but also respects and supports the personal growth of each employee.

My heart is full of gratitude and respect for Aarav Solutions and I hope every woman member feels the same in our organization. This was just a small note for expressing my thoughts and letting everyone know that Aarav Solutions is the finest organization and we are privileged to work here.

Thank you so much, Raj, for defining the true aspects of a BOSS! 

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