An ‘Idea’s’ Journey Of A Thousand Miles, From Conception To Realization To Celebrations!

10 Years Of Glory l Journey of Turning Dreams into Reality | Aarav Solutions

Aarav Solutions has been in business for ten years, but it all started with an idea. Let us take you on the voyage of this Idea, how far it has traveled, and how glad it is in choosing Aarav Solutions as the vehicle of its identity to bring it to reality.

We often think that an idea is credited to the individual ‘Eureka’ moments, but history tells a different story. Prior to the twentieth century, the ‘prehistory’ of the history of ideas is outlined, with an emphasis on its beginnings, parent disciplines, close neighbors, and inspirations.

Birth Of The Idea We Know As Aarav Solutions

“Farm land lessons were the most important part of my entrepreneurial journey”, says Raj Darji the Founder and CEO of Aarav Solutions

Rightfully so, since the concept for Aarav Solutions was planted in the mind of a young kid who would see and absorb traits like humility, modesty, and a sense of community from his father. In order to give back to the community, which was also fundamental to Raj Darji’s upbringing, he founded Aarav Solutions in 2012.

The core value of Aarav Solutions was laid on this idea to build sustainable growth of its people that consists of stakeholders, customers, partners and employees.

Aarav Solutions was incorporated as a global product engineering and IT consulting services provider. The clients that believed in the idea came from a broad array of industries – Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Government, Power and Utilities among various other B2B segments.

World Supporting The Idea

When Aarav Solutions obtained a large first order for the installation of Oracle Communications Stack for a business in the United States after many days, hours, and years of labor. Which served as proof that Aarav Solution’s labor of love had been worthwhile.

Aarav Solutions Inc established its headquarters in New Jersey, USA with the aim of empowering businesses in their pursuit of digital transformation with our experience, innovation, and next-generation technology. The customer base grew as they endorsed the idea, and in 2014, dedicated offshore development was concentrated in Bangalore, India, and 50 consultants were hired. Aarav Solutions received the distinction of being a Fortune 500 company account in the finance and banking sector of a NASDAQ-listed company in no time in 2016. 2019 accomplishment in ISO certifications and Oracle service excellence awards.

Over time, the conception of a young boy’s mind became his guiding principle, and the hashtag Game Changers was introduced. Aarav Solutions did not lose sight of the inspiration for its creation, and once the idea was accepted by the world, the original aim behind it became more of a driving force for the now-successful individual. In 2020, the Jadishwar Charitable Trust, a nonprofit with a focus on CSR, was founded as a result of Raj Darji’s convictions.

Realization Of The Idea Had Grown Beyond The Scope Of A Single Person And Had Taken On The Dimensions Of A Collective Aspiration

It cannot be contested that putting a notion into action takes a huge amount of effort. As a result, Aarav Solutions experienced its fair share of challenges. However, once the goal was determined, the vision belonged to the entire organization, not just to one individual.

One of the most challenging projects, the Equifax Global Financial System with the GFS Deployment for Equifax Canada, was successfully finished in just eighteen months thanks to a comprehensive system integrator contract that Aarav Solutions won from Equifax in Canada and the UK in 2020. Subsequently joining the cloud content management sector for out-of-home (OOH) advertising and linked vehicles for renowned multinational company Edison Interactive.

In order to encourage student potential and solve the skills gap in the IT industry, Adptx Suite was launched in 2022, and it was also acquired by award-winning AI & ML-based startup Froot Research. With cutting-edge technologies, it became a dependable partner for Oracle, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Deloitte, and Capgemini. It is true to claim that Aarav was naturally succeeding at receiving prestigious awards like ICTIS Entrepreneur of the Year, Times 40 under 40 and ET Businesses of Tomorrow.

Celebration Of The Intended Goal

With the future ahead of us and the ancestors behind us there is nothing we can’t do.  This is a reason to rejoice and advance Aarav Solutions to “TRANSFORMATION 2.0”.

Aarav Solutions hosted a sumptuous party at the Ramee Royal Resort in Udaipur with their loved ones and distinguished guests to honor the successes of the “idea’s” leading breakthroughs. The celebration of the Decade of Excellence, which brought together project teams from all around the world, was far more impressive than I (The Idea) could have imagined.

“TRANSFORMATION 2.0”: The Start Of A New Era

It is crucial to begin each day with gratitude for life since Aarav Solutions was created at the home of yoga and spirituality, India. Therefore, a yoga and meditation practice centered on mindfulness and gratitude was led by Jyoti Kaundinya and Ramesh Chinthala to revitalize this amazing instrument that offers clarity to any thought.

The theme of Transformation 2.0 was built on upholding traditions, recognising how hardship turned into a strength, personal growth, recognising triumphs, and supporting one another. And the following parameters were mindfully included in the event’s agenda: Excellence across People, Technology and Processes, The Way Forward, Becoming Growth Champions, Innovation and New Avenues, The Happiness Department and The Sharp Lens.

“Transformation 2.0” In Flow

The event was fervently inaugurated by founder and CEO Raj Darji, VP of Global Operations Bhavin Patel, and members of the leadership team on the advances and triumphs thus far. Experts like Ashish Patel and Bhranti from Euphoria Consulting came to offer their vast experience in the areas of organizational development and strategic HR consulting. The importance of teamwork, core values, and communication were thoroughly explained in an articulate manner. 

The launch of ‘ABLUVA’,  an AI and machine learning (ML) based research company formerly known as Froot Research, was the convention’s high point. 

With innovation at the core, Aarav Solutions proudly supported and introduced the technology in artificial intelligence that will be available for telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment enabling risk management, revenue assurance, analytics, AIOps, and opportunity discovery. True Abluvian characteristics are an extension of Aarav Solutions.

The conclusion of the transformation 2.0, which adhered to its plan, included deliberations on 4X growth, broadening vistas, and building a more diverse portfolio in the next few years.

Recognising The Company’s Cornerstones

Ideas just serve as a multiplier; once implemented, they are worth millions. The power of the people is also necessary for execution of any idea to be successful. 

And to celebrate the winners, a lamp was lit before the awards ceremony began in the presence of esteemed guest Leo Basola, CFO of Equifax International. A performance by well-known celebrity comedian Kunal Rao exceeded the highest standards while traditional artists displayed the true spirit of Rajasthani Indian Folk. Additionally, 150+ Aaravities who contributed to the success of Aarav Solutions were honored in ten unique award categories.

  • Kunal S, Sagar M, Shifa K, and Dhaval D received The Blooming Bird Award
  • Amit Z, Dipika D, Harsha B, Sravan R, Chintan D received Young Professional Award 
  • Prabha M, Murali P, Shailendra S, Balakrishna D, Chintan D, Kaifi A, Amit K, Haresh D, Uma G, Rohith P, Dinesh S, Suma S, Salma F, Seshagiri, Brijal B, Dhaivat S, Kishor D, Govind T received The Iron Pillar Award
  • Ravindrakanth M, Balakrishna D, Pradeep A, Mohammed Kh, Sudhakar K, Govind T received The Mountain Mover Award 
  • Rohit K, Shilpa G, Kishor D, Harish R received Go To The Extra Mile Award
  • Riddhi M, Divya S, Ramesh Ch, Vibhor V received Behind The Scenes Award
  • Priyanka B, Shweta Sharma, Mitali Rozia received Core Values Customer First Award 
  • Murali P, Nitesh S, Senthil Kumar received Core Values Empowerment Award
  • Salma F, Krupa S, Shashank S, Samarth J received Core Values Collaboration Award
  • BAU Team – Sheshagiri Rao, Krina Patel, Janvi Patel, Amarnath, Rohan Anand, Ankit Kumar, Veena Yenigalla, Virati Shah, Pradeep Arimanda, Gurpreet Singh, Shailendra Singh, Dhaivat Shah received Core Values Transparency Award
  • For Team Edison : Jyoti Kaundinya, Alpa Chauhan, Palash Balani, Pinkal Patel, Kaifi Azad and For Team GFS : Mohammed Khajuriwala, Madhuri Latha, Harish Reddy, Shweta Sharma, Sravan Reddy, Shaik Shifa Kouser, Shah Yash, Bindu Mahitha, Yash Shah, Murali Pratapa, Amit Kumar, Somya Chaudhari, Prabha Muthusamy, Ankit Kumar, Dhaval Darji, Senhilkumar Premkumar, Naganagounda Patil, Balakrishnaiah Dasi, Sudhakar Kassireddy, Seshendra Darbha, Himanshu Patel, Raj Darji, Kaifi Azad received Core Values Integrity Award
  • Chintan D, Ramesh Ch, Dinesh S, Hanumanthu A, Ravindrakanth M, Rohith P, Archana S, Dhaval S, Rohit, Shashank S, Naganagouda Patil, Kishor D, Suma S, Seshagiri R, Priyanka B, Dhaivat S, Krina P, Janvi P, Shailendra S, Amarnath S, Kishan P, Shanta G, Prabha M, Shilpa G, Riddhi M, Naveen Ch, Sravan R, Swapna M, Veera Mohan R, Madhuri L received Shining Star Award
The Start Is At The End

Every single individual is an important part of the idea that a boy had when he first had it. A concept that was extensively explored with dedication, perseverance, passion, belief, and discipline. To witness a notion come to life is undoubtedly the most intriguing thing in the world. 

It is fair to state that Aarav Solutions is the ideal setting for the development of any brilliant idea.