AI in IT Infrastructure – A New Chapter Of The Digital Transformation Story

AI in IT Infrastructure

It has been said often that Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the key elements of digital transformation. Even though businesses from all sectors and industries are clamoring to infuse AI into every piece of technology that they have from compliance to data analytics and from cybersecurity to storage. All aspects of the business are touched by Artificial Intelligence in this age of digital transformation.

One of the key trends seen among enterprises looking to leverage artificial intelligence is the use of AI in IT infrastructure. As the scale and complexity of an enterprise grows, it is important that the IT infrastructure adapts to cope with the growing scale. This could be achieved by implementing AI in the IT infrastructure and IT management. Experts at Aarav Solutions believe that IT infrastructure is a domain which has tremendous scope to utilize the potential of AI.

The most important impacts that AI can have in IT infrastructure are:

1) Artificial Intelligence in IT Infrastructure can improve Cybersecurity:

IT infrastructures enabled with Artificial Intelligence are capable of reading an organization’s user patterns to predict any breach of data in the system or network. A special firefighting ability which is common only to artificial intelligence based cybersecurity systems helps the enterprises cope with malware and cyber-attacks with utmost efficiency. Experts usually recommend that enterprises working with big data must choose cybersecurity measures that have a pre-emptive capability rather than reactive.

2) Artificial Intelligence in IT infrastructure can help establish automated support:

For enterprises that need round the clock IT support, artificial intelligence can help lower costs and improve service at the same time. IT support is one of the tasks that can be automated to help save human effort and time. AI based support service is a critical tool for a cost-effective support system. Sometimes it takes time and effort to perfect the automated support system. But with continuous feedback and improvements AI can help enterprises create the most customer friendly service desks.

3) Artificial Intelligence in IT infrastructure can monitor and improve customer satisfaction:

Artificial intelligence when leveraged to create a robust IT infrastructure – can help to improve lead monitoring and understanding of the customer’s journey from lead to regular client. Real time monitoring helps improve decision making and takes the workload off human resources by machine learning. With complete visibility into all process relations & inter-dependencies for enterprise infrastructure systems both on premise and in the cloud , AI reduces the complexity of business processes and cuts down on costs which augment softer human capabilities, thereby ensuring better decision making and happier customers.

4) Artificial Intelligence in IT infrastructure results in better analysis: 

Artificial Intelligence is capable of understanding the very nuances of an enterprises’ infrastructure and real time monitoring. Therefore the analysis of different business aspects and the insights thereof are much more accurate. Artificial Intelligence may predict requirements for the next quarter, deploying the resources as needed and resolving issues as they arise. However, this may only be possible if Artificial Intelligence is used in all business operations, the flow of information from one vertical to the other is flawless and best practices are followed.


The role of artificial intelligence in IT infrastructure is increasing due to AI’s ability to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies. In the age of digital transformation leveraging the best available technologies is no longer a question of competitive advantage but of survival and keeping the enterprise up to speed. Artificial Intelligence does not only hold the capability to augment human performance but in a few years many business processes may be completely automated. Even though this is a dream for the future but enterprises must begin to re-think the interactions of human beings and machines in this age of digital transformation. 

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