Transforming Telecommunications with Oracle and Generative AI: A New Horizon

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the imperatives of agility, efficiency, and innovation have assumed paramount importance in the digital age. At the forefront of this transformation is Oracle, an industry leader renowned for its cutting-edge solutions.

While Generative AI, when strategically deployed, possesses the capability to safeguard core revenues and catalyze margin growth for telecommunications companies. However, realizing this potential necessitates a paradigm shift in approach.

A recent landmark development emanating from Tokyo, Japan, and Austin, Texas, highlights the pivotal role of Oracle Communications in the telecommunications industry. Rakuten Mobile’s selection of Oracle Communications’ cloud-native converged policy and charging solutions signifies a significant leap forward.

Oracle & Rakuten Mobile: Pioneering Collaboration

Rakuten Mobile’s strategic partnership with Oracle to bolster its 4G and 5G services through Rakuten Symphony’s Symworld™ Marketplace reflects an escalating confidence in cloud-native technology. Anchored on Rakuten Symphony’s Symcloud Cloud Native Platform (CNP), these solutions seamlessly align with Rakuten Mobile’s vision for an automated, scalable architecture.

Tareq Amin, Co-CEO of Rakuten Mobile and CEO of Rakuten Symphony, emphasized how Oracle’s policy and charging solutions enable the rapid launch of innovative offerings, including new data and voice service plans. The collaboration paves the way for future global telco customers to enjoy simplified deployment of these industry-leading services.

Cloud-led Telco Transformation

Oracle’s converged policy and charging technologies empower Rakuten Mobile to strategically monetize its networks. With 5G-enabled experiences such as VR theaters and high-service performance, the possibilities are limitless.

The Symworld™ marketplace digitalizes all telecom processes, making applications just one click away from deployment. This seamless approach embodies the kind of disruption that Oracle has championed, and companies like Aarav Solutions are subtly but surely playing a role in this space.

Adding Generative AI into the Equation

But what if we take this innovation a step further? Generative AI has the potential to introduce an entirely new dimension to this technological marvel:

1. Customer Personalization: Generative AI, through its comprehension of customer behavior, can craft customized service plans, enhancing individual experiences.

2. Network Optimization: By virtue of predictive analytics, it can optimize network performance, ensuring resource utilization is highly efficient.

3. Rapid Innovation: Generative AI holds the promise of expediting the prototyping of new services, thereby driving innovation at an unprecedented pace.

As Generative AI continues to evolve, an array of new use cases will inevitably emerge. Already, we have traversed various industries and business functions to yield tangible outcomes:

1. Retail banks, telco, and utility companies: We facilitate the development of next-generation contact centers, providing sales and service agents with automated, personalized, and real-time scripts to enhance customer experience.

2. Marketing: We empower leading product and service marketers to connect more effectively with their clientele, leveraging Generative AI and Oracle Solutions to craft highly personalized ad copy, rich imagery, and targeted messaging.

3. Financial services: Through the automation of client dialogue and financial literature analysis, along with the generation of digital communications, we bolster the productivity and responsiveness of financial advisors to their clients.

Conclusion: A Future Forged through Collaboration and Innovation

The collaboration between Oracle and Rakuten Mobile epitomizes the immense potential inherent in cloud-native technology for telecommunications transformation. The integration of Generative AI into this ecosystem portends a new era characterized by personalized services, optimized performance, and rapid innovation.

In the words of Jason Rutherford, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Communications, “Deploying Oracle’s converged policy and charging technologies will help empower more intelligent policy decisions and shorten the runway to quickly test, launch, and monetize new services.”

At Aarav Solutions, we stand ready to bridge the gap between technological advancement and real-world application. With an extensive experience across the value chain and a profound understanding of our clients’ industries, our Technology and Advanced Analytics solutions not only offers oracle advisory services but also delivers practical solutions. We discern the generative AI use cases that promise the greatest value, rapidly construct proof of concepts, and seamlessly integrate these capabilities into your operational framework, business processes, and data assets.

Recognizing that the adoption of new technology mandates careful consideration, we provide essential guidance on ethics, rights, and ownership. Crucially, we aid in crafting and executing a change management strategy that ensures end users evolve into promoters and advocates. With our services as an oracle solutions implementation partner, we stay at the forefront of every emerging question and possibility in the technological advancement happening in the industry.

The future is here, and it is filled with endless opportunities to explore, innovate, and grow. Let’s embrace it together!