Supercharge Your Success: Unleash Growth & Resilience with Application Migration and Modernization

Application Migration and Mordernization

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, migrating applications to the cloud is crucial for unlocking growth and resilience. It offers optimized performance, accelerated innovation, reduced operational costs, better scalability, enhanced user experience, and improved resilience. However, maximizing the benefits of the cloud requires more than just application migration. Many legacy applications are built on monolithic architecture, which hinders continuous deployment, slows down start-up time, and limits scalability. To address these challenges, businesses need to adopt a strategy that involves both application migration and modernization.

The Evolution of Business Applications: Then & Now

In the past, applications were built on monolithic architecture and operated in silos, making scalability and innovation challenging. However, the landscape has evolved, and now businesses embrace microservices, multi-channel applications, unlimited scalability, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Data has become the key driver for intelligence and growth, while the focus has shifted from managing servers and infrastructure to application development. Modern applications support all platforms and form factors, enabling businesses to reach a wider audience.

Migrating and Modernizing Legacy Applications

While developing cloud-native applications seems like a logical solution, it can be expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, not all applications are replaceable. The recommended approach is to migrate and modernize legacy applications, aligning them with specific business needs, enhancing security, and extracting value from the modernized portfolio. Well-architected migration and modernization strategies pave the way for innovation and excellence through the utilization of emerging technologies.

Key Aspects of Application Migration & Modernization

Before diving deeper into the key aspects, let’s address some important questions:

Why do you want to move your legacy applications to the cloud?
  • Innovate and Compete

Did you know that Azure can reduce time-to-market by 30% and enable automatic infrastructure evolution?

  • Improve Development Agility and Reduce Technical Debt

Did you know that over 30% of cloud users leverage Kubernetes for flexibility, scalability, and resilience?

  • Maximize ROI and minimize risks

Did you know that moving to cloud can lower TCO by up to 68% and achieve a 478% 3-year ROI?

  • I want all the above benefits of the cloud

Did you know that Azure, Aws and Oracle allows you to leverage your on-premises assets and existing licenses?

Despite the desire to modernize applications, many organizations face challenges in doing so. Factors such as cost, time, inertia, risk, knowledge, balance, and service quality often create anxiety and delay decision-making. Overcoming these challenges requires meticulous planning, a long-term vision, and considering all crucial factors.

How to Reimagine an Application Portfolio?

Most organizations have a portfolio of applications accumulated over time. However, modernizing the entire portfolio at once is often impractical. To ensure success, organizations must reduce the size of their application portfolios strategically. This involves retiring or replacing applications based on the modernization objective and problem to be solved. At Aarav Solutions we follow a 5 R’s approach:

1. Rehost: Move the application component to cloud platform without modifying code or features. Ideal for quick lift & shift without associated risks and costs.

2. Refactor: Restructure and optimize existing code to remove technical debt and improve features. Ideal for rapidly adaptable applications with high availability and innovative DevOps practices.

3. Rearchitect: Alter the application code to shift to a new architecture and leverage enhanced capabilities. Ideal for utilizing existing application investments, improving agility, and integrating Azure capabilities.

4. Rebuild: Rebuild or rewrite application components from scratch using cloud-native technologies. Ideal for faster development and incorporating new technologies like AI and IoT.

5. Replace: Replace application components or legacy apps with more flexible cloud-based solutions or SaaS software. Ideal for minimizing administrative overhead and embracing cloud-based alternatives.

How to choose in between cloud platforms Azure, Aws or Oracle

Why Choose Azure?

When embarking on your modernization journey, it’s crucial to select the right platforms, tools, and strategies. Microsoft Azure stands out as a popular choice due to its extensive product offerings, services, and solutions. Azure provides a robust and flexible foundation for both legacy and cloud-native applications, complete with built-in security, fully managed capabilities, superior tooling, and a wide range of resources and frameworks. With Azure, businesses can ensure faster development, reduce costs, maintain rigorous security and compliance, and create exceptional user experiences.

Why Choose AWS?
  • Extensive service portfolio: AWS offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services to meet diverse application requirements.
  • Scalability and flexibility: AWS provides unmatched scalability and flexibility, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.
  • Robust security and compliance: AWS prioritizes security and offers various services to protect applications and data.
  • Global infrastructure: With data centers worldwide, AWS ensures high availability and improves user experience.
Why Choose Oracle?
  • Comprehensive cloud solutions: Oracle Cloud offers a range of services, simplifying management and integration.
  • Autonomous Database: Oracle’s Autonomous Database eliminates manual management, allowing businesses to focus on development.
  • Integration capabilities: Oracle Cloud enables seamless connectivity between applications and enhances agility.
  • Industry-specific solutions: Oracle provides industry-specific solutions with pre-configured templates and compliance frameworks.

In conclusion, application migration and modernization are crucial for unlocking growth and resilience. Consider key aspects, choose the right cloud platform, and partner with a trusted provider like Azure, AWS or Oracle. This sets the stage for a successful transformation, empowering your business to thrive in the digital age.

Choose the Right Partner for Success

To successfully navigate the migration and modernization journey, it’s essential to find the right partner. Aarav Solutions, offers years of expertise in cloud and application modernization solutions, empowering businesses to maximize the advantages of modernization. With a focus on the best-fit approach, Aarav Solutions provides the right tools, talents, technologies, and strategies needed to unlock growth and resilience.

Begin your application migration and modernization journey today with Aarav Solutions. Get in touch with us to know more about our capabilities and join the digital revolution!