Reduce complexity to move Oracle Application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Aarav Solutions Lift & Shift

Aarav Solutions Lift & Shift

The Aarav Solutions Lift and Shift is a specialized procedure wherein any of your Oracle business applications operating in internal or collocated Data Centers are moved to the Oracle cloud.

At Aarav Solutions our specialized Lift and Shift is a significant step in the digital transformation of an enterprise business.  Leveraging all of the built in capabilities of Oracle Cloud for monitoring, patching, elasticity, security, autonomous, artificial intelligence, on demand big data and advanced analytics we are able to realign resources from running your data center to improving your business.

Aarav Solutions is one of the few teams that have extensive experience and certification with all of the applications that make up the RODOD Suite and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

So let’s talk about 5 important reasons Aarav Solutions should move your Oracle Apps like Monetization and Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery Suite to the Oracle Cloud today!

1) Reduced Cost

Data Centers are expensive to build and maintain! Real Estate, Power, UPS, Air Conditioning, Network, Firewalls, Racks, Distribution, LANS, SANS, Hardware, the list goes up and up and then add the expertise to stay on top of all the tech and then double or triple it for redundancy and that is just for your first server! Incrementally additional servers can be pennies per day and that is basically the business model of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They have built out numerous data centers and hired the best staff and now they are offering you access to that Data Center for the incremental cost, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions.

2&3) The advantage of elasticity – Shrink & Grow to fit your budget

Once migrated to the cloud, businesses can take full advantage of the elasticity of a cloud offering. Grow when you want to grow, shrinking when you want to save.

Have a big data or advanced analytics endeavor? Spin up gigantic resources with instantaneous access to your data, crunch your data, get your answers, and then drop the resources in minutes at a fraction of the costs of purchasing and maintaining dedicated hardware.

4) Accelerated Innovation

Innovation can come in many forms; redirecting resources from day to day operations to process improvements, being able to quickly clone your entire business suite for load testing and tuning, real-time analytics on demand, artificial intelligence, big data. Once you are migrated to the cloud what used to be multi-million-dollar multi-month pilots can now be performed in hours or days with services spun up for a pilot and then dropped immediately after for mere dollars per hour. Cloud accelerates your organizations ability to innovate and greatly reduces the cost to do so.

5) Better business agility

At the end of the day every enterprise business needs agility. Every business would like to test and experiment working at different capacities and with various applications to determine a future course of action. Operating on the cloud makes it possible to add and remove capacity to your business applications adding to your business’ agility.


With Aarav Solutions Lift and Shift of your Oracle Communication Apps (such as the Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery Suite or even individual components such as Monetization, Orchestration, or CRM) to the Oracle Cloud our clients are realizing significant savings in hosting, patching, and operating their business support systems. For less than the cost of this year’s hardware upgrade, catching up on the latest patches and upgrades, or the build out of your development environments Aarav Solutions’ experts can get your move to the cloud underway so contact us today!