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Mastermind of Efficiency- Automatic Meter Reading Box!

Mastermind of Efficiency- Automatic Meter Reading Box!

Technological advancements are revolutionizing our lives on daily basis. It’s making our daily tasks efficient, smarter and easier to understand. Could you have imagined to talk over the phone with hands-free devices? Or, automatically storing all your data on cloud to be accessed from anywhere (literally)? At Aarav Solutions, we believe this is just the beginning of a revolution to finer, smarter and better lifestyle for the entire human race. And with this belief, we set out to achieve advancements for businesses and individuals breathing new life in their daily routine, one technology at a time. With an innovative approach to combine wireless technology with long range and low power, and to answer key challenges faced due to utility tampering, theft, conservation, billing errors and delays (to name a few), led us to AMRBox (Automatic Meter Reading Box), which was specifically designed for an easier way to live. What are the ways an automatic meter reading helps you with your billing nightmares, and/or enhance positive customer experience? Here is how:

  • It helps providers and customers to better control the use and production of electricity, gas and water usage.
  • It helps you avoid theft as traditional analog meter reading devices are prone to manipulation
  • Automatic Meter Reading devices transfer data to central database for billing, troubleshoot and analysis.
  • Automatic Meter Reading devices are known to increase cash flow for providers and reduce billing errors for consumers.
  • It eliminates manual meter reading, which saves on manpower and also reduces the changes of human errors leading to higher billing costs for consumer, and/or complaints for providers.
  • With accurate readings from Automatic Meter Reading devices, better quality of data can be accessed.
  • With better quality of data, faster billing cycles can be generated leading to further increased cash flow.
  • Management system gets more effective, as with Automatic Meter Reading devices you are able to understand utility usage profile better.
  • Any utility wastage such as leakages, theft, are identified and avoided at much earlier stages than traditional methods of meter reading systems.
  • Automatic Meter Reading devices are equipped to deliver analysis which help you identify supply problem areas such as network analysis.
  • For consumers, Automatic Meter Reading devices are bound to be beneficial as they are known to reduce, as per empirical data, consumption about 20-50%
  • For providers, Automatic Meter Reading devices improves health and safety for workers in hard to read installations.
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce amounts of unaccounted utility charges.
  • Efficiently monitors the energy charges and meets the requirements of diminishing utilities due to population growth and urbanization.

In a nutshell, AMRBox helps you with account consumption, compute billing, troubleshoot and analysis in one box. One of the key challenges where Aarav Solution’s AMRBox has proven to be monumental is in the field of agriculture for water consumption. Analog water meter readings, especially across India, are prone to high bills, leakages and theft. AMRBox does all the above and more, helping farmers cut costs and providers access usage data (typically hourly) easily. For instance, AMRBox reduces dependence on groundwater, leading to fall in water table, bore wells drying up and reliance on water tanks. To know more how Long Range and Short Range AMR-RF technology can assist you in developing better standards and improve customer service, contact us at +912642227280 or simply visit

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