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Save On Electricity Bills- Automatic Meter Reading Box (AMRBox)

Save On Electricity Bills- Automatic Meter Reading Box (AMRBox)

As we move forward with technological advancements in the field of utility, analog or manual meter readers would become part of history. A lot has to do with inaccurate data, human errors and lack of measures to fix leakages or theft of electricity. Aarav Solutions answer to address issues of utility and utility-related issues or errors come in the form of its pioneering technology AMRBox- Automatic Meter Reading Box.

What is Automatic Meter Reading Box?

It is a digital utility meter box packed with a combination of technology and futuristic features. At its core, AMRBox is a byproduct of the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) with all the potential to transform our lives by positively impacting how we control our living environment.

AMRBox helps both the utility provider and the consumer.

Benefits of Automatic Meter Reading Box:

Eliminate Manual Meter Reading: By eliminating manual meter reading AMRBox resolves the need of manpower while further eliminating any human errors.

Data & Information On The G0: AMRBox gives you the freedom, making data and information available a lot easier in real-time to be utilized for various aspects related to any field.

Identify Theft/Leakage: Crucial to generating more revenue for utility providers and avoiding theft for customers automatic meter reading does it all. With precise data at your disposal, you can manage and identify loopholes leading to financial losses.

Transparency: Effective Management with the help of AMRBox assist you better understand utility consumption with real-time usage profile. This proves to be a perfect tool to effectively manage the services boosting transparency.

Accuracy: Since human errors are eliminated by automating the process of collecting data from utility meters, better quality data with accuracy is obtained.

Easy as a Pie: Capturing utility data with Aarav Solutions AMRBox is as simple as taking a hand-held RF-enabled device in close proximity to the AMR enabled water/energy meter. From there on, all data and information are automatically transmitted. Meter readings are also transmitted to the service provider automatically at periodic intervals.

Safety First: in situations where installations are difficult to read, AMRBox enhances health and safety of employees. This also helps employees to provide customers with real-time information for their utility consumption queries, further eliminating the need to go in the field to fetch data.

Why Automatic Meter Reading Box?

AMRBox has the robust capability of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing data over a network among the diverse interfaces with its system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, or people, who are provided with unique identifiers. Simply put, AMRBox is the future of absolute bliss which simplifies and enhances smart life.

Aarav Solutions AMRBox is truly exceptional with its ability to positively impact our understanding of utility meters data and its ease of use for both the customer and the service provider. AMRBox is truly an evolution of the internet and at its foundation, it is a robust tool capable of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing data over the network. Furthermore, AMRBox reduces re-billing costs, delays in billing, increases cash flow, upsurges usage satisfaction and much more.

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