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Internet Of Things (IOT) Driving Revenues, Agriculture Growth And Peace Of Mind!

Internet Of Things (IOT) Driving Revenues, Agriculture Growth And Peace Of Mind!

If you stumbled upon the word Internet of Things (IoT), say at your workplace, or outside of it, and were intrigued to know more, but only managed to find complex explanations, then here is a simple way to understand IoT. What is IoT? Is it a thing? Or, a machine? Or, a software?

IoT is a concept that has all the potential to transform our lives, positively impact how we work and still continue to evolve to offer us more control over our living environment. It is an evolution of the internet.

At its foundation, it has the robust capability of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing data over a network among the diverse interfaces with its system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people, who are provided with unique identifiers. This gives you the freedom, making it a lot easier, for real-time data and information to be utilized for various aspects related to any field, literally. In simpler words, IoT give you the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

But where is the potential value of IoT? Let’s consider an example of agriculture and irrigation. We are well aware of water droughts, excess of rainwater and other disastrous calamities which often disrupt farming and damaging crops. The monetary losses are worth in millions! Since we have no control over drastic weather leading up to such losses, another set of losses, also in millions of dollars worldwide, can be reduced significantly.

IoT enhances smart farming! With the assistance of IoT, we get to obtain real-time information for various aspects related to irrigation. For instance, sensors which provide moisture level in the agriculture farm lands are part of IoT. These sensors are also equipped to provide bore meter reading and deliver real-time analytical data about water level in rivers. These insights and data help in agriculture and irrigation. But that is not all! Here is how IoT is revolutionising the fields of agriculture and irrigation:

  • Helps in monitoring plant and soil conditions
  • Helps in sensing for soil nutrients
  • Based on soil chemistry, you can customize fertilizer profiles
  • Determines the optimal time to plant and harvest
  • Report weather conditions
  • Fantastic return on investment for farmers
  • High technical sensors appropriately collect, store, analyze and share crucial data from kilometers away, wirelessly!

IoT’s concept, basically, is to connect any device with an on-off switch to the internet, and/or to each other; a giant network of connected “things,” including animals, or people, where the connection is between people to people, people to things and things to things. In the case of farming and agriculture, smart automatic water metering systems and sensors are well equipped to answer challenges faced by farmers today! They can:

  • Offer real-time water usage data to authorities/consumers
  • Offer instant access to real-time reports
  • Track water consumption and notify (depleting/excess) water levels in advance.
  • Capable automatic meter reading system, as compared to traditional analog meters
  • Detecting faults in the irrigation systems, with real-time monitoring
  • Prevent water wastage in absence of proper supervision
  • Conserve water resources with advanced water metering system and remote sensing technologies.

Applications of Internet of Things are endless, unquestionably! Anything that can be connected, will be connected. But what necessitates us to stay connected with the help of IoT? Imagine a world where, for instance, you are stuck in traffic and your car automatically sends a notification of delay in arrival to your family/friend/colleague, by picking up the appointment from your phone? How about your coffee machine starts brewing your coffee as soon as your alarm clock wakes you up at 5am? This is what you can achieve with IoT, and more is on its way. Connecting any device with an on-off switch to the internet, over a network, includes everything from mobile phone, coffee makers, toasters, laptops, washing machines, microwaves and almost everything you can possibly think of.

However, IoT answers key challenges in fields which relies on innovative ideas and technological advancements, such as farming, irrigation and agriculture, to help yields and better allocate resources. Farmers, worldwide and especially in India, are facing key challenges due to, to name a few:

  • Per capita availability of water in urban cities steadily declining because of urbanization and/or population growth.
  • Imbalance between water supplied and revenue for water boards
  • Increasing dependence on groundwater, leading to fall in water tables and bore wells drying up.

IoT reduces overall costs and improves farming and the lives of farmers. Aarav Solutions recognized farming problems and set out to achieve such goals with latest and cutting-edge technology, thus providing with the solution in the name of AMRBox (Automatic Meter Reading Box). With its plug and play field devices and multi-level in-built security, the purpose of AMRBox is to save manpower by eliminating manual meter reading, provide better quality of data with accurate readings, improved cash flow with faster billing cycle, help to understand water usage profile with effective water management, avoid water wastage by identifying theft, or leakages, cost savings in water and electricity, and much more. Providers of AMRBox can benefit themselves with real-time and accurate billing information, enhanced safety, improved reading schedules, reduction in billing delays and errors, and increase in cash flow. To know more about AMRBox and how Aarav Solutions is opening new doors of innovation to smart farming solutions with IoT, in both government and private sectors, get in touch with us at

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