Bootstrapped & Growing: The Aarav Solutions Journey in the Global IT Consulting Sector – Smart CEO Magazine

The Founder and CEO of Aarav Solutions, Raj Darji has crafted his vision for years of an organization established in 2012. During his recent conversation with the SMART CEO Magazine, he began with his remarkable journey started by having the wise words from his father,; ‘take care of your employees and they will take care of you in return.’ Starting from a small consulting IT firm in Ahmedabad, India to reaching heights with 100+ employees across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia with global product engineering Aarav Solutions has just begun to show its true potential.

He enlightened many thoughts regarding his priorities as a CEO, challenges faced by Aarav Solutions during a pandemic and how those were overcome, hiring activity in the IT sector during a pandemic, use of AI technologies in IT, steps taken in digital transformation, and its impactful rate in customer satisfaction, steps being taken to upskill the workforce with digitalization, one question asked in every interview and more.

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