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Let’s talk about Sanvid; An EdTech Initiative Supported by Aarav Solutions.

Sanvid The EdTech Initiative

The Aarav Solutions team is driven by a passion to expand the horizons of possibility. Our zeal to go beyond the perceived limit, in technology, in innovation, and in life is the reason for our existence. It is with this spirit in mind that we have embarked on a new journey, named Sanvid on 28 January 2021.

Sanvid is an ed-tech initiative spearheaded by the Jadishwar Trust and supported by Aarav Solutions. Sanvid is a movement that aims to create equal learning opportunities in technology, life skills, and language skills for school children in India. This initiative is our effort to give back to a community that has always supported Aarav Solutions in our endeavours to find innovation in technology.

Sanvid was ideated by our founder and CEO, Mr. Raj Darji. His humble beginnings from a close-knit Indian community, and from there the journey to founding a global technological organization has given him a realistic view of the world. After moving to the United States, Mr. Darji could not help but notice the stark difference in the learning resources available to children in American schools.

This difference in learning avenues for school children prompted Mr. Raj Darji to think of an initiative that could offer equal learning opportunities to school children in India. He believes, that learning about technology, self-improvement, and languages from a young age can empower the children of India and enable them to build a brighter future for themselves.

A yearning to benefit from the modern education system often forces children to move away from their close-knit communities to live in cities. This may help them in developing an urban mind set, but it deprives children of the invaluable morals that they can learn by growing up in a typical rural Indian society. Sanvid is an effort to provide children with modern learning methods and personality development courses while they remain grounded in their family values.

Aarav Solutions is proud to be a part of this noble endeavour and we are eager to do our bit in building a better future for India.

Sanvid is a Sanskrit name that depicts knowledge or ‘gyana’.  This is a simple expression that powerfully expresses the true potential of our initiative. Sanvid reflects the pursuit of knowledge that brings a greater meaning to a person’s life. The logo is inspired by Saraswati Yantra the beacon of knowledge that brings hope and enlightenment for learners. Both the name and logo have been chosen to define our goals of empowerment through knowledge and expanding horizons for Indian children.

As a global product engineering and IT consulting organization, we hope to use our domain expertise for the good of our community. Together with Sanvid we are helping school students in India to learn technical skills, life skills, and language skills which will be helpful for them when they begin their adult-life. We believe that children who benefit from this initiative will not only be capable of building rewarding careers for themselves, but they will also be able to do more as the citizens of India.

We hope for your continued support for Aarav Solutions and the Sanvid Initiative. Jai Hind!

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