As 2022 draws to a close, I wanted to pause and think about where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we’re headed as an organization and an industry in 2022 and beyond.

Our journey over the last year has been a monument to the fact that Aarav Solutions is, at its heart, a people-first organization. Having said that, I could not begin without thanking those who continue to inspire and humble me in my role as vice president of global operations: A sincere “thank you” and “congrats” to #TeamAarav for everything that you accomplished in 2022. Your continuous support has enabled us to get through the uncertainties and rethink our company, to our amazing customers, members, and partners. The fact that we are approaching this new chapter with such anticipation and hope speaks volumes about our whole community.

We’ve come a long way since I first decided to join Aarav Solutions in order to drive the company’s global strategy and spur exponential growth. It is evident that our goal of improving the workday for the contemporary workforce is being realized, although much more quickly than we had planned.

I was a client of Aarav Solutions up until the pull factor moment when I decided to become a member of the Aarav Solutions family because of the unwavering faith in our team, belief in our mission, and dedication to providing world-class experiences for our clients that saw us through difficult times and positioned us for future growth. I’ve always been an ardent supporter of striking a balance between “meaningful global expansion” and “the maximizing of economic and social value.” 

With that here are our top six 2022 takeaways:

  • A worldwide expansion and a fusion of cultures around shared ideals

Find out who your technological product serves and if there are any unmet demands. Recognize the information about your users. Your target audience? What is the objective for today? Do you understand the purpose your company should serve? Never give up on learning. Expand your understanding of what you’ve always done by seeing what works. 

When I worked with large organizations before 2022, I hired a number of consultants to provide technological solutions. Each has advantages and things that make it unique. As a customer and now a team member, I have seen Aarav Solutions’ emphasis on customer-centric solutions and best-in-class delivery. Surprisingly, in 2022, we made a contribution at the DTW summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. Also responded to inquiries on many aspects of digital transformation and problems. 

What distinguishing characteristics can we offer? People are the center of who we are. We decided to expand in the USA, India, Canada, UK, Australia, and other nations in order to bring culturally diverse ideals.

  • 2022 reaffirms the importance of face-to-face communication

After a long time away, the yearning for face-to-face engagement has grown. Covid-driven isolation reveals the challenges of a distributed workforce. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace poll found that 33% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work, while 63% of full-time top achievers desire to spend more time with their colleagues. In this new hybrid environment, we must address morale, engagement, and culture. 

To reconnect and re-engage a geographically scattered workforce, leaders are increasingly resorting to face-to-face meetings. The “the most essential perks of a company” were recently featured in an article on LiveCareer. Three-quarters of millennials, 33% of Generation X, and 32% of Generation Z preferred flexible work arrangements. We maintained open lines of communication by placing it at the center of our workplace and by using cutting-edge IT infrastructure and adaptive practices. With the preferences of our employees in mind, we provide a variety of work arrangements, including remote, hybrid, and in-office settings. As a result, production is increased and excellent results are obtained.

  • Building new businesses is the key to survival in volatile markets

In times of economic stability, business expansion into new and higher-growth markets is a viable strategy. In times of volatility and uncertainty, developing new businesses enables a business to survive and prosper. 

In light of the new reality, traditional methods will no longer be effective. Business establishment helps diversify, protect, and grow while others constrict. A great plan includes more than committing money to a new business. In order to leverage existing resources and talents to remove barriers to innovation and procedures that don’t promote new projects and growth; leaders must have a road map, have a sense of urgency, and have an entrepreneurial attitude.

Resilience means lowering expenses and protecting capital. Even if cutting costs is never to be disregarded, it is not the primary priority, especially not in the current market. The current condition of instability and long-term change that businesses are seeing is not an exception but the new normal. In a long-term volatile environment, companies must create options to improve their risk profiles. This includes not only their exposure to markets or locations, but also their exposure to system-level changes.

  • We need a skilled workforce now more than ever

As the epidemic fades into the background and corporations begin opening with grand intentions, technology companies prepare for another challenge—shortage of skilled employees. A recent survey found that 75% of IT firms are having trouble filling open positions due to a lack of qualified applicants. 

Data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML), digital project management, and soft skills are among the most sought-after qualifications by IT employers. Soft skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively, analyze critically, and solve problems, are in high demand. Most companies would rather hire experienced workers than recent college graduates at the moment. Those who can immediately contribute to the company’s output should be considered. In fact, organizations often find apprentices participating in creative learning environments, such as the one we provide at Adptx Labs, which was created to solve this problem in an innovative manner. This learning experience was designed with the assistance of local volunteers to teach students to best practises and established standards in the industry. This programme will help the next generation succeed by providing them with the opportunity to learn from and network with experts in their area.

  • To huge corporations, data is the fuel of their artificial intelligence (AI) innovation

Digital innovations such as analytics, AI, and automation are changing the nature of work and the workforce while also opening up new avenues for business and economic growth.

Rapid technical advancements in digitalization and data and analytics have been altering the corporate environment, supercharging performance, and allowing the creation of new company ideas and new forms of competition. Moreover, technological development is ongoing, ushering in waves of progress in areas like robots, analytics, AI, and machine learning. Collectively, they represent a significant advancement in technological capability that may have far-reaching effects on business, the economy, and society at large.

Forecasts for the AI industry show annual growth of 120 percent. The healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation, finance, and advertising industries are just a few examples where AI is being used to generate insights about consumers, enhance their experiences, keep them as customers, identify fraud, boost loyalty, and raise brand recognition. Aarav Solutions has expanded its offerings, notably in the area of artificial intelligence (AI).

Finding the contextual connection in the actual world and having multi-dimensional decision-making like human intelligence still have a lot of uncharted territory, nevertheless. To learn exactly what AI has in store for the future, we want to investigate everything of it in the following year.

  • Give more by distributing the abundance to the community and the planet

That’s why we get up every day: to fulfill Our Purpose and improve the world around us. Throughout our history and across the company, people have generously contributed their time, talents, and resources to nonprofit organizations serving rural areas. A desire to aid the vulnerable, the disadvantaged, and those who have been dealt a cruel hand predates the establishment of Sanvid’s raison d’être, beliefs, and practices. A few years ago, we founded Sanvid as part of Jadishwar Charitable Trust with the goal of generating a positive social impact via implementing a long-term programme in rural India that would better prepare the next generation to take advantage of economic progress in the region. 

More than just a technology seller, we want to be an industry leader. Our staff and our clients are the focus of all we do, and we work hard to make that possible. When team members can have an influence that goes beyond their job description, we think they remain on the team longer. Giving back to the community is just one of the many ways we try to show our clients they can count on Aarav Solutions

The end of 2022 is marked by exponential expansion and innovative endeavors! Ten years of a glorifying journey culminated in a great celebration of the Decade of Excellence to commemorate all of these accomplishments. 

For more information, see our celebrations blog:

Having this enthusiastic crew around gives me the impression that everything is possible, and that we are all prepared to welcome 2023 and the following decade in a more optimistic and productive manner. “The trip ahead will define the history of Aarav Solutions, and my best efforts, together with those of my colleagues, will allow us to realize the magnificent goal we are all committed to.”