Streamlining Sales with Salesforce Industries CPQ

In today’s dynamic market, efficiency and precision are essential for sales success. Yet, the process of configuring prices, quoting, and capturing orders can be complex and error-prone, leading to inefficiencies. Salesforce Industries CPQ (formerly Vlocity Industries CPQ) is a solution designed to simplify these processes, especially for Telco and Utilities industries. Let’s explore how Industries CPQ can transform your sales operations.

Common CPQ Challenges

The CPQ process can become convoluted, involving various systems and manual tasks. This complexity often results in slow quoting processes, errors, and frustrated sales reps. Some common challenges include:

How Salesforce Industries CPQ Addresses These Challenges

Salesforce Industries CPQ offers a suite of tools and features designed to streamline the CPQ and order capture process, improve accuracy, and enhance efficiency. Here are some key features and benefits:

  • Quote Management: Industries CPQ enables quick creation of accurate quotes, boosting sales productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing errors.
  • Price Management: The platform provides advanced pricing capabilities, allowing for quick and accurate price calculations based on various factors.
  • Guided Solutions Configuration: Industries CPQ guides sales reps through the CPQ process, ensuring they collect necessary information effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Product Catalogs: The product catalog management in Industries CPQ is user-friendly, supporting complex configurations and reducing response times.
  • Proposals: Industries CPQ offers standard templates, terms, and eSignature functionality, speeding up proposal execution and reducing deal closure time.
  • Subscription Management: Businesses can define one-time and recurring charges with varying terms, improving renewal rates and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Integration with Customer Data: Industries CPQ integrates with customer data, providing a comprehensive view for personalized interactions.
  • Salesforce Industries APIs: These APIs allow for seamless integration with other systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient CPQ process.

Benefits of Salesforce Industries CPQ

Salesforce Industries CPQ provides the following benefits:

  • Easily Execute MACD Requests: Execute Move, Add, Change, and Disconnect (MACD) requests efficiently using customer purchase history and defined rules.
  • Reduce Quote and Order Capture Time: Drive efficiency with guided selling, enabling reps to quickly configure and submit quotes and orders.
  • Capture Quotes and Orders Across Every Channel: Create a consistent user experience and revenue generation across all channels.
  • Improve Order Accuracy and Reduce Fallout: Accurately configure and price orders, and manage in-flight orders efficiently.
  • Bulk Quoting Made Easier: Easily configure, price, and validate quotes across multiple service locations.
  • Simplify Bulk Asset Changes: Make bulk asset changes easy by submitting one order.
  • Get Offers to Market Faster: Support offer design through order capture, helping businesses capitalize on market demand.

Salesforce Industries CPQ offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the CPQ and order capture process, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. With its advanced features, Industries CPQ can help your sales team achieve new levels of success.

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We understand the common challenge faced by our customers: the need to achieve more with less. That’s why we’ve implemented Gen AI to revolutionize the CPQ process. Our Gen AI model can semantically search for similar quotes based on just a natural language description of an Enterprise customer’s requirements. Even if the product attributes are not identical, if they are semantically similar, our model can retrieve the quotes and present them to the user with a confidence score.

With the option to ‘deep clone’ quotes and quote line items with attributes, our solution saves a significant amount of time and effort in generating quotes for prospects. This acceleration of time-to-market for CPQ is made possible by our Generative AI accelerator, which seamlessly integrates with existing Salesforce systems, reducing go-to-market timelines by up to 40%.

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