Aarav Solutions at MWC 2024: Gen AI for Swift Telecom Product Launches & Reduced Backoffice Work | Telecoms.com

In an interview with Telecoms TV at MWC 2024, the Aarav Solutions leadership team discussed the key industry trends and Aarav Solutions’ response to them.

Raj Darji, Founder and CEO, Aarav Solutions, highlighted the focus on operational efficiencies and outlined three major trends:

  • The rise of Generative AI in enterprises
  • The importance of data infrastructure
  • The emergence of AI in sectors like manufacturing and smart cities
  • And how Aarav Solutions is addressing these trends with Co-create Labs, collaborating with customers to scale solutions quickly.

Sriram Ramakrishnan, CTO, Aarav Solutions, shared

  • The Co-Create Labs innovative approach, accelerating digital transformation in Generative AI.
  • He also shed insights on how Aarav Solutions’ Gen AI accelerators can help solve real-world problems, automating backoffice processes like end of the month reconciliations between Contracts, Invoices and Payments and enable natural language interactions with the BRM and Salesforce data, driving operational efficiencies.

Looking ahead, Aarav Solutions COO, Bhavin Patel, shared insights about

  • Future telecom trends, foreseeing widespread Gen AI adoption.
  • The importance of workforce competence upliftment to support new systems.
  • And how Aarav Solutions is focusing on change management, operational rigor, security, and resilience to drive customer value to cope with these trends

Watch the full interview below for more insights!