WOMEN: The New Architects of IT in India

Womens New Architects of Technology - Aarav Solutions

Women in Technology: Changing Times

Information Technology industry has always attracted some of the best talent in our country. That said, Indian IT companies have a high ratio of women in technology. In a world where women executives are battling for better gender parity, it is heartening to see women in the Indian IT industry gaining ground.

In the last decade, the Indian IT industry has seen women employees scale cultural barriers and gender bias to break the glass ceiling for good. In the year 2018, the Indian IT work force comprised of thirty five percent women. Compared to other countries such as USA (20%) and UK (17%) this is no meager achievement.

The Importance of Work Culture

Education and culture have been great factors that encourage Indian women to pursue careers in information technology in the last decade. But experts say, that more than anything it is the changing work culture that has helped the IT industry attract and retain talented women technologists.

Varsha Varsani, VP Marketing @ Aarav Solutions says, “Women empowerment begins at home. When given the freedom to create a work-life balance, it is amazing to see how much a woman can achieve. At Aarav Solutions we encourage a work culture that offers women and everyone else too the flexibility they need to pursue rewarding careers. This has helped us maintain a healthy gender diversity.”

Founder & CEO  Raj Darji has always believed in building a diverse team. He says, “To succeed in the modern world, businesses need to recognize the power and influence of women in the IT industry.”

Women @ Aarav Solutions

Aarav Solutions is proud to be led by some of the most talented women in the Indian IT industry.

Leading our marketing and communications team is Varsha Varsani, VP. Our marketing team has launched numerous successful marketing initiatives under her guidance.

Krupa Shah, Human Resource Manager at Aarav Solutions helps find and retain the talent we need.

Our Solution Architect for BRM, Firoza helps Aarav Solutions build technological solutions for our clients in BRM.

Apart from the above, the Aarav solutions team is fortunate to have more than thirty percent women in their core team. Having women like Shilpa Gubrele (Pre-Sales Manager) and Brijal (Director- Finance) as a part of the Aarav Solutions family is an honor. They work tirelessly to run our support functions with finesse.

For achieving gender parity, an organization must do more than just employing more women. Policies focused on women empowerment and gender equality must be implemented at every step. Women empowerment is a phenomenon that must be ingrained in an organization’s work culture.

Aarav Solutions believes that IT is the sector that will shape our future. Involving women in designing our future is imperative and that is the only way, we may ensure a better future for everyone. Better opportunities for women in technology, better compassion and breaking stereotypes has helped the Aarav Solutions achieve a diversity we are proud of. Women are undoubtedly the architects of the future of IT industry and the world.

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