How You Can Simplify Cloud Migration With Aarav Solutions Lift & Shift.

Cloud Migration Services - Aarav Solutions

Cloud migration gives your business processes a way to function in a more agile and flexible manner. It improves business performances manifold and makes operations more scalable than before. However, most enterprises are hesitant to initiate the cloud migration process fearing the complexity, downtime and costs involved. Aarav Solution’s lift and shift solution is designed to allow businesses to automate the process of cloud migration. It helps to speed up the digital transformation journey by simplifying cloud migration, minimize downtime and delivering business value without any obstacles.

Aarav Solutions offers the Lift & Shift service for all cloud environments that an organization may choose according to their business needs. We support AWS, Oracle Cloud, Google, Azure and our innovative cloud services platform – Adptx Cloud.

For an efficient cloud migration, it is important to start with an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure and current business processes. It helps to identify the shortcomings of the business operations that the migration process and the digital transformation on the whole aims to resolve. Automation of migration by Lift & Shift helps to reduce manual work and human error, reduces downtime for your business and allows you to track the migration process from one centralized interface.

Simplifying cloud migration in steps:

1. Assessment

Well begun is half done and that’s what we do with Aarav Solutions lift & shift migration process. We start with an assessment to understand the cloud readiness of your IT infrastructure and applications. This helps to design the right strategy for an efficient cloud migration.

2. Alignment

For smooth transition to the cloud, every operation in the business must be aligned to the cloud migration goals. The Aarav Solutions team goes out of the way to ensure that your business leadership is well-acquainted with the migration goals and strategy. Whether it’s re-hosting, re-platforming, or re-factoring that is taking place it is imperative for everyone to be on the same page.

3. Application Modernization

Aarav Solutions employs the best in class automation tools that help to modernize legacy applications. Applications developed before the advent of the cloud may or may not be compatible with the cloud and therefore, this step ensures that all your business applications are modernized for cloud migration and well-equipped for future upscaling and further modernization whenever needed.

4. Cloud Migration

Transforming the codes to fit in the cloud environment of your choice, mapping, migration and management of your workloads is our prime focus during this step. We devise solutions to help legacy application architectures operate efficiently on the cloud. This helps to ensure seamless transfer of workloads to the cloud infrastructure.

5. People Management

The final step is about initiating the digital mindset. Aarav Solutions adopts a people centric approach to align employees and processes with the new IT infrastructure. This step is crucial to mold the organizational approach to business and technology.

Aarav Solutions lift & shift is a process that empowers businesses to adopt a modern and digitized approach to business that makes their processes scalable and seamless. Digital Transformation is a journey that begins with re-thinking and re-strategizing to align your business with the future of business and technology. Cloud Migration is an important step in this journey. Partner with the experts to make an efficient transition into the cloud.

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