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Transform Your Business With ERP In 5 Simple Steps

At the outset, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software began as a business management software program. Since then, ERP Solutions have come a long way and are now regarded as an integral part of running a successful enterprise. Enterprise Resource Planning Software have been credited with improving efficiencies, reducing costs and even boosting the overall growth of a business.

ERP Software are known to streamline a business’ processes which allows an enterprise to deliver high quality service in reduced time and with lesser effort. This helps enterprises gain an edge over the competition. Initial costs of ERP implementation often act as deterrents for businesses to adopt an Enterprise Resource Planning Software, but the long term benefits far outweigh the costs.

Experts at Aarav Solutions talk about the FIVE simple steps you need to take to successfully implement ERP to transform your business model. Here they are:

STEP1: Setting the objective

The first step is to analyze the current system and outline the transformation needed. In this stage the questions we ask, together with our clients are, “How does the current system work?”, “What are the major problems the enterprise faces in the current system?”, “What are the best practices in the industry?”

Once we thoroughly understand the current system, we prepare the key performance indicators or KPIs which set standards as per the current system and help to define the standards we need to achieve with the help of ERP implementation. This step also includes planning, preparing of roadmap, defining timelines and setting a budget

STEP 2: Identifying the best option & implementation

There are various pre-defined models of ERP systems which may be functionally a good fit for your business. However, at Aarav Solutions we spend time going over the alternatives in detail. This helps to identify the critical processes for each client’s enterprise and customize accordingly. This step ends with data migration and transition of processes to the new software.

STEP 3: Infrastructure & Change Management

Working in tandem with the client, the next step is to decide what would be the most feasible infrastructure for the Enterprise Resource Planning Software to run on. Usually, the aspects to be considered include budget, compatibility and scalability of the infrastructure. Once the infrastructure has been set up, change management is the next challenge. Training of personnel and higher management to work with the new system is a crucial aspect of the transition.

STEP 4: Project Management & Testing

One of the most important facets of any implementation project, is testing. A lot of operational disruptions may be avoided if the testing phase is properly completed before go-live. During implementation a lot of things are improvised to create the best fit of the ERP software for the client in question. Once the software implementation is completed a thorough run through and testing is imperative to ensure a hassle free transition and no problems after go-live.

STEP 5: Go-Live & Support

This is the final stage wherein the tested and fine-tuned software is pushed live for the end-users. It is recommended that a functionality test be conducted at this stage, however this is up to the preference of the client. This is where one must mention that the ERP implementation is not a one-time event ending at step five. Rather it is an on-going process that needs to be streamlined as time proceeds. Therefore, at Aarav Solutions we provide post implementation support to all our clients as needed.

Once the above listed steps are complete, it’s easy to see how the business model of the enterprise has evolved with the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning software. The ERP Software delivers answers to many of the questions left unaddressed by the legacy systems or old ERP systems in use. For enterprises which strive to keep up with the dynamic business environment and want to upgrade their business models accordingly, ERP Software helps to create a business process which evolves with the evolution of the enterprise.

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