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Technology: Reshaping India – Construction Times

Technology: Reshaping India

The Aarav Solutions Team is constantly striving to be at the forefront of technological reform. And therefore, when the opportunity to share our views and knowledge with our friends at Construction Times came up, we were happy to discuss. As a part of their newest edition called FLY HIGH: Reforms, Tech Adoptions for Future Airports, the Construction Times team spoke to our founder & CEO Mr. Raj Darji.

Mr. Raj Darji spoke about technological innovations and challenges resolved through technological development in the real estate industry. Establishing a single system to make a coordinated effort for a multitude of properties can be a game changer for real estate companies. Emerging technologies such as AI can make information readily available to stakeholders in real estate. Thus reducing the risk in the property business.

Talking about the solutions offered by Aarav Solutions, Mr. Raj Darji explained the importance of business support systems such as SAP, Odoo, and others. Aarav Solutions also has their own all-round solution for business support known as Adptx Utilities that empowers governments and public services bodies worldwide. They also discussed other parts of our product portfolio such as Adptx Comm, Adptx Suite, Adptx Cloud, and Adptx Utility.

Technology: Reshaping India - Construction Times

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