Recent Interview Of Our Founder & CEO With DQ Channels Magazine

Founder & CEO of Aarav Solutions, Raj Darji has shed a bright light on the future of the IT segment in his recent interview with DQ. Many great insights were unlocked by him, regarding the Client’s expectations and demand in India compared to other markets, aspects of smart tech like AI, ML, IoT, cloud computing, etc, the future of tech emerging services, challenges faced across the world, and their resolving ways.

Focusing on every segment of the interview, Raj drew out favorable points for the IT sector. Some of its highlights include:

The strong exponential growth of IT in the coming 3-5 years. Along with the International Market, India is also accelerating towards Digital Transformation.
In what ways Aarav Solutions is offering breakthroughs towards smart technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, cloud computing, etc.
The rising demand for tech solutions in different geographical boundaries.
Entrepreneurship is filled with challenges and resolving those challenges signifies a the true potential of an entrepreneur. A skilled workforce is the biggest challenge in IT consulting and services.

The IT sector has ample room for growth opportunities. To know more Click HERE