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Enterprise App Security Essentials – Secure Your Enterprise App in 4 Simple Steps

How Can Enterprise Mobile App Development Leverage Business Benefits

Enterprise applications have proven to be ever helpful for extending services or products and with the increase in usage, there needs to be an increase in security of these applications. The higher the use and connectivity, the higher is the risk for information leakage. If the wrong people get access to the important information of an enterprise, how inappropriately that information can be used! For the same reason, enterprise app security is the most crucial task being carried out rigorously.

The main care should be taken while downloading an application. Ensure that it’s downloaded from an authenticate stores such as Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store. This guarantees the authenticity of the application. Other than that the four steps for ensuring the security of your enterprise application are as follows:

1.     Protection Through Password:

This is the most basic methods of all, and has served the purpose well. However there have arrived many changes in this method. The password can be entered using a virtual keyboard. Or instead of just username and password, a two-factor authentication is preferred. OAuth 2.0 is the leading example. It enables a user to enter username, password and a PIN or one time password that is generated on the mobile phone of the user at the time of accessing the application.

2.     Authentication Through Recognition of Voice:

We know that the pitch of the voice of every person differs from another. Authentication using this distinct feature of users is very common these days. The application will not be accessed until and unless the authorized voice is given as input. Leading examples of this method are Siri by Apple and Echo by Amazon. Despite being not the most popular option of authentication, voice recognition will surely be more effective in future.

3.     Fingerprint Recognition:

Just like the pitch of a voice, every person has a distinct fingerprint. Making fingerprints as the keys to unlock an enterprise application is on the rise too. The recent entrant in securing through fingerprint recognition is Barclay’s, which is using it for their mobile application. All the sensitive financial data is hidden behind the fingerprints of a user.

4.     Updating Application Software:

Software updates come under MAM. While the importance of timely, accurate and meaningful updates of an application are a key to enhancing the profitability and reputation of an organization, care must also be taken where the updates are being accessed from. Download updates from an authenticate source. And keep the application updated for otherwise they may be hacked easily because of obsolete definitions. Software updates also increase the performance of an application.

Apart from these, security can be also implemented at the stage of mobile app development. Robust operating system is one of the reasons behind the impeccable quality of applications at Apple. Enterprise app security must always be under scrutiny to safeguard not only the information but also to protect the employees and esteem of your organization. Don’t look at it as an expense but, look at it as an investment. It will pay you back in times of need.

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