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Know How Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Revolutionizing Agriculture And Irrigation Making It Easier Than Ever Before

37. Know How Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Revolutionizing Agriculture And Irrigation Making It Easier Than Ever Before

Technology is continuously evolving to make our life better often in many unpredicted ways. This time, it is about finding a suitable solution for the growth of agriculture by eliminating the issues that are commonly faced by the farmers. One of the major problems that agriculture faces today is of irrigation. Advanced technologies have arrived to offer an effective solution to various irrigation problems. Let us explore what kind of technology it is and how it is going to contribute to irrigation.

Internet of Things (IoT) is continuing to evolve offering more control over our living environment. Many consider IoT as the next big thing in the evolution of the Internet. Thanks to its robust capability of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing data among the diverse interfaces the freedom for real-time application of data and data-driven insights has become even more easier than it was ever before.

But how can these insights and data help in agriculture and irrigation? Well, it is more about obtaining the real-time information for various aspects related to irrigation. For instance, there are sensors to provide bore meter reading, deliver real-time analytical data about water level in a river or even the moisture level in the agriculture farm lands. All these crucial data input from high technical sensors can help us manage irrigation and irrigation resources better.

Smart Automatic Water Metering Systems And Sensors

How water usage in homes, agricultural lands or at business places is measured? Well, water usage is generally measured through analog meters in the majority of cases, these meters are incapable to offer real-time water usage data to the authorities. On the other hand, with automatic meter reading system provides instant access to the real-time report and data about the usage of water and help us to keep track on it. Smart connected meters with this capability to notify about the water level and usage can help prevent misuse and over utilization of water resources.

The smart sensors in the agriculture farm lands are additionally capable of notifying in a real time. These smart sensors are pretty effective in detecting the faults in the irrigation system in the real time and can prevent wastage of water in the absence of proper supervision.

Smarter Irrigation Systems

Farming needs sustained irrigation that itself consumes the highest percentage of water resource in any area. A high percentage of water in irrigation is actually wasted due to lack of proper supervision and real-time monitoring. To solve this problem smart irrigation systems that are powered by latest IoT technology can help you conserve water resources by monitoring irrigation through advanced automatic water metering system and remote sensing technologies.

These advancements in the agriculture sector would obviously help cutting overall costs and making irrigation better to improve lives of the farmers. Aarav Solutions set out to achieve such goals with the assistance of latest and cutting-edge technology, creating AMRBox (Automatic Meter Reading Box), which mechanizes the reading of consumed data and runs diagnosis while automatically giving status of data. Providers of AMRBox can benefit themselves with real-time and accurate billing information, enhanced safety, improved reading schedues, increase in cash flow, reduction in billing delays, monitors tampering,or  theft, and much more. Consumers of AMRBox also benefit with significant reduction in billing delays and errors, better reading experience, better access to usage awareness, saving resources and expenses, and much more.

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