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Increase in demand for IoT products – Aarav Solutions Founder and CEO, Raj Darji Interview With IT Voice

In the past few years, Aarav Solutions has worked hard to establish ourselves as a global, client-centric technology corporate that is focused on innovation in technology. The good news is, it hasn’t gone unnoticed! Recently, we had the opportunity to engage in a stimulating interaction with the amazing Prateek Harshwal of IT Voice.

Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Raj Darji led the conversation by introducing our organization and spoke at length about the beginning of Aarav Solutions. They discussed our journey to becoming a global product engineering and IT consulting services provider and the challenges we faced along the way.

The effect of the pandemic on worldwide business was also an important part of this discussion. Mr. Raj Darji spoke about the difficulties we faced due to the pandemic but also emphasized on the opportunities created by the pandemic for better connectivity and digitalization. He shared his opinion about how SMEs can use technology to flourish in this environment.

While talking about emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and IoT, Mr. Darji highlighted the upcoming trends in technology. Other parts of our product portfolio such as Adptx Comm, Adptx Suite, Adptx Cloud, and Adptx Utilities were also discussed.

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