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Aarav Solutions Awards 2018

Aarav Solutions Awards 2018

Success doesn’t come in handy. It’s not about a single day or any individual’s actions. Those who are committed to greatness achieve great things through their hard work and dedication. At Aarav Solutions, individuals and teams are focused on larger goals while performing their everyday tasks, presenting innovative solutions or handling a variety of support situations. All their efforts are definitely worth appreciating.  Whether it’s the day-to-day accomplishments or above and beyond results, we drive a culture to recognize the efforts of individuals as well as the teams who are at the core of our success.

The Aarav Solutions appreciation and recognition program has been developed to acknowledge the ways in which our teams contribute to the organization through their creativity, innovation and excellence in customer service. The event was organized at Aarav Solutions head office in Bangalore on 7 December. We are pleased to announce the award winners of the Aarav Solutions Awards 2018-19 event. 

          Types of Awards                                                                                                                     Winners

  1. Hi-fi Award                                                                                                                         Mayank Jain, Prathyusha Ravuru
  2. Technology Champ                                                                                                          Hanumantha Rao, Shailendra Singh
  3. Delivery Champ                                                                                                                 Hari Kumar, Arup Ghosal
  4. Behind the Scene                                                                                                              Sudhish Jugran, Gurpreet Singh
  5. Outstanding Leadership                                                                                                  Ayyapa Raju, Manoj Tiwari
  6. Outstanding Performance For The Year 2018                                                             Saptarshi Kes
  7. Long Service Award                                                                                                        Ayyapa Raju, Brijal Bhavsar, Kishor Darji & Dhaivat Shah

We congratulate our gems for being consistent, working hard and taking the ownership to excel in achieving organization goals.

We are also remarkably moved and thankful for the contribution of each and everyone at Aarav Solutions. 

“Succeeding in life is simple if it comes to challenge. All you have to do is pay attention, work hard and give it the best shot.”

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