Aarav Solutions as Implementation partner of SAP at Raipur Development Authority

India – February 9, 2017: Aarav Solutions is working in close coordination with team of Raipur Development Authority (RDA) for implementation of SAP Solutions at Raipur Development Authority (RDA). RDA’s business objective was and
sap-solutionsis to boost the urban development under the guidance of Chhattisgarh Government for the progress of Raipur city. To accomplish this, RDA needed to implement a SAP platform swiftly. The new platform had to allow for rapid flexibility and overcome multiple challenges to empower RDA’s progress and capacity to respond to market changes.

Challenges Faced By RDA Without SAP Solution

RDA faced challenges with decision-making processes and on planning the realistic future scenarios. Without the proper flow of information RDA was not able to make accurate estimates and predictions to get ahead with forthcoming set-ups. It was easy to spot that RDA’s different departments operated independently and so they ended up generating duplicate archives, records and reports. RDA faced problems tracing the work status of the ongoing projects. They even faced challenges integrating with other members in the defined value chain.

They also started facing issues with upsurge in work costs, lesser competence, complications with data maintenance and accuracy in fetching key information from current systems.

Benefits with SAP Solutions

RDA selected Aarav Solutions to implement the new system to bring transparency in work within the complete organization. The newer SAP (ERP) system can generate shared databases which will further provide quality data outputs, offer notifications to those responsible displayed in real time, will streamline and improve the whole procedure of internal decision making. It will avoid data redundancy and errors in operations by providing real-time access of the same central database.

Aarav Solution is enabling RDA to solve the problems of costing and affordability with well-defined economy of time, and continuous improvements in the analysis and control of business decisions.

There would be better adaptability, improvements in scalability, futuristic savings, backing in strategic decision making, quality work outputs and its tracking, resulting with improvements in customer relations.  This ERP system will enable orderly and less painful business process evolution. Finally, RDA would have better employee productivity with boost in profits, overall professional and commercial development.

Aarav Solutions and RDA are able to implement this project right on time, handle risk, sustain quality and stay on decided budget.

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