Streamlining Business Operations – Business-As-Usual Support

Customer Overview

Our client, a global information solutions company, holds a pivotal position in consumer credit reporting, offering essential credit monitoring and fraud prevention services. The seamless operation of critical business processes relies on their comprehensive Business-As-Usual (BAU) support.


Business Challenges

• Implementing SOPs for Managed Services: Guiding daily activities through well-defined Standard Operating Procedures for Managed Services.
• Lack of Process Automation and Continuous Billing Errors: Addressing challenges related to manual processes and billing errors to enhance efficiency and accuracy.
• Process Alignment for User Incidents Reporting and Resolutions: Streamlining the reporting and resolution processes for user incidents to ensure a prompt and effective response.
• Tier Support: Providing robust support to Tier-1 and Tier-2 teams, encompassing both functional and technical issues.
• Time Efficiency: Meeting the challenge of completing tasks within defined Turnaround Time (TAT) to maintain operational efficiency.


Curious to know more about how we assisted our client in overcoming these challenges and achieving successful implementation? Dive deeper into the details by downloading the full case study.