Smart Transportation an essential step towards building Smart Cities

Enabling Digital Transformation for Public and enterprise transportation with transport agnostic integrated platform

Smart Transportation an essential step towards building Smart Cities

Every single step towards building a sustainable growth for citizens needs a visionary leader. Smart Cities are designed and built with a vision to improve lives of citizens and create a cohesive environment for generation to come. Smart transportation is one the most crucial step in building successful smart cities. Our Smart Transportation solution is transport agnostic to handle all types of public transports viz. bus, train, taxi, ferry, and any other public transportation facilities. We bring multiple platforms on board to handle congestion and traffic overload of public transportation and deliver a secure and seamless smart transportation mechanism. Our platforms include but not limited to smart fleet and depot management, eticketing and smart ticket modes, fare collection, digital routing, trip planning, waybill management, crew duty management, passenger information management, grievances & incident management, smart command center and analytics. Our aim is to digitally enable enterprise & public organizations with our innovative solutions and state of the art

cloud infrastructure .

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Our Solution includes

Smart Transportation Solutions

Smart fleet and depot management

An integrated IoT based platform to manage your fleet in real-time. The solution consists of GPS based vehicle tracking system for any type of fleet viz. buses, ferries, trucks, taxies and more, and a software-based platform for complete end to end operations for any type of fleet. The platform provides web-based platform to monitor your fleet, real-time visibility and routing, geo-fencing and tracking, cargo monitoring and provide more accurate ETAs. The platform also offers driver management to identify driver locations, roadside assistance in case of emergencies, monitoring of misuse of vehicles such as hard braking etc.

The smart depot management is the transformation which will lead how smart transportation brings change in public services for the citizens. Smart depot management helps to reduce lead time for materials, reduce the occurrences of emergency situations with allocation of right resources (people and material), better maintenance job management and real-time visibility, accurate root cause analysis using machine learning techniques, data visualization engine to create better resource plan and allocation and monitoring in real-time. The future of Smart depot management lies in building better automation, minimal human interactions in maintenance jobs using robotics and building a sustainable IoT infrastructure for secure and accurate connectivity.

Smart Transportation Solutions

Passenger information management & Trip planning

The ability of a good transportation system can be depicted based on how strongly it connects to the passengers and how they are able to leverage true potential of smart transportation technology. Passenger information management is the solution which connects the public to the service provider. Passenger information platform provides central real-time information about bus, train, ferry etc. The passengers can access the transportation details using mobile application, web browsers, kiosk etc. The platform offers real-time accurate information about expected time of arrival (ETA), book tickets, make payments, provide detailed routes information, raise grievances or service requests.

The platform provides Trip planning services so that passenger can optimize the time and cost of travel between multiple locations using one or more modes of transport. The platform is integrated with routing platforms to identify the best possible routes for passengers.

The platform provides facility to check announcements, progress of transportation (bus/train/ferry), triggers notifications/alerts for reaching/departing transportation. The solution is packed with business intelligence so that service providers can analyse the usage patterns, preferences of passengers to improve service delivery and upsell services.

Smart Transportation Solutions

Automated Fare collection/eTicketing

Our Automated Fare collection or eTicketing solution is service agnostic, integrated clearing house and rich in technology with state-of-the-art Electronic Ticket issuing machines (ETIM). The service agnostic feature enables the platform to managing the fare collection/issue tickets for any type of transportation mode viz. bus, train, ferry, cargo etc., complete back-office management and reserve seats using mobile, cards, in-person at the depot or in the transportation vehicle like bus, train or ferries. The platform is flexible to integrate any number of clearing houses ie single operator or multiple operators in real-time. The solution can integrate with any mode of payment like EMV- bank debit/credit cards, cash, IC card, Barcode/QR based, Mobile (NFC) based payments as well.

The Automated Fare collection or eTicketing solution offers accurate fare collection, prevention of fraud and improved convenience for citizens and better utilization of public transportation from single platform, and better upselling and upgrading of new services.

Smart Transportation Solutions

Digital routing planner

The Digital routing planner offers complete day-to-day planning, define master routes and predict/prevent the emergency/breakdown scenarios of fleet and personnel. The platform is integrated with Fleet and depot management to provide end-to-end visibility and management of resources. The route planning and optimization is done using our powerful algorithms and standard business practices for the transportation industry. The planning is done using distribution optimization, pick-ups and collection points, resource availability and best utilization index to define the best routes for the transport vehicle and drivers. The digital routing planner also plans and adjusts plans based on various real-time information like rush-hours, vehicle and driver constraints, route conditions like breakdown, fixed or free territories, no. of trips etc. The platform enables simulation of route plan before implementing to identify issues and prevent emergencies.

Smart Transportation Solutions

Waybill management

The Waybill management platform offers consolidated business process management for waybill generation, modification, correction and distribution of Waybills. The platform is transportation mode agnostic, which means the platform provides management of waybills for trucks, rails or ferries for cargo transportation. The platform offers generation of Bill of Landing (BOL) and waybills, centralized platform for correction, mismatch, deviations and handle special cases. The platform can track real-time inbound/outbound shipments and offer hazard management. The platform also enables service providers and users to do advance booking for waybills for better services as well as integrate with other external platforms.

Smart Transportation Solutions

Crew duty management

The strength of service is its people. Our Crew duty management platform offers complete transparent, flexible and real-time services for crew management which is integrated with routing and fleet management platform. The platform offers scheduling of duty shifts, driver vehicle allocation & rostering, ground duty allocation, real-time tracking for crew at various locations and transports. The platform enables organizations to optimize the downtime, reduce labour costs and maintain healthy work environment for the crew.

Smart Transportation Solutions

Grievances & incident management

The platform offers transparent feedback mechanism for passengers, service users and crew/employees about public transportation services. This enables to open a strong channel of communications between the parties and help avoid issues as well as improve service delivery. The users can initiate services requests/grievances using mobile, web portals or inperson. Each incident can be categorized and allocated to particular service provider helpdesk agent. The Helpdesk agents can be categorized as per incident types, severity of incident, level of resolution required and locations. The platform enables auto escalation, multiple communication between the helpdesk and users using SMS, Email, IVR etc. The users can access and view the status of the incident from their account.

Smart Transportation Solutions

Smart command center and analytics

The platform offers single or distributed command centers for centralized management and 360 degree view of whole transportation service for management and administrator users. The command center has configurable dashboards as per user group for quick decision making. The Smart transportation solution offers complete set of reporting and analytics for management and administrators, which can be downloaded and scheduled to be sent to users. Some of the reports include, but not limited to Conductor Logbook/Cash Detail Report, Conductor Earning per KM Report, Route Performance Report, Tickets Master Accounts Report, Vehicle Yard IN/OUT. The platform integrates with all the other platforms as well as external systems like Email, SMS, IVR platforms for notifications, Finance and Accounting platform, Payroll and HR and much more.

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