Launching Adptx Labs – A Unique Program To Build Skilled Technology Workforce

Aarav Solutions Launches Adptx Labs

With COVID-19 businesses witnessed a strong need to go digital and that led to digital transformation growth in every industry sector. This requires a strong skilled workforce that requires minimal or no training. But the industry at large is facing the issue of a lack of a skilled workforce, there is a dire need of building that talent pool.

Aarav Solutions is committed to bridging the gap between industry skill requirements and the upcoming talent in the technology space. With Adptx Labs, our unique education program that focuses on creating a job-ready workforce, we bring on board the industry experts from various technologies and provide the undergraduates, fresh graduates, and young professionals a platform to collaborate and learn from industry veterans. The students will learn to solve real-world problems, innovate and understand the process of working on daily projects that is the same as that of working in real-world IT organizations.

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