Enhancing Global Operations – Rackspace OBRM Implementation

Customer Overview

Rackspace Inc., headquartered in Windcrest, Texas, stands at the forefront of managed cloud computing, boasting a robust global presence. With data centers strategically located in the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong, Rackspace caters to a diverse clientele spanning the international landscape.


In the pursuit of seamless business operations, Rackspace encountered several challenges, necessitating strategic solutions. These challenges included:
• Payment Processing in Multiple International Formats: Managing payments in diverse international formats posed a significant hurdle. Rackspace needed a streamlined approach to handle payments efficiently across various regions.
• Customization of Ongoing Activities: Adapting ongoing activities to meet the unique requirements of different clients and regions proved to be a complex task. Rackspace sought a solution to customize services without compromising operational efficiency.
• Onboarding New Acquisitions: The process of onboarding new acquisitions demanded a scalable and efficient system. Rackspace aimed to integrate acquired entities seamlessly into its operations while maintaining optimal performance.
• End-to-End Testing of Critical Business Components: Ensuring the reliability and functionality of critical business components through end-to-end testing emerged as a crucial challenge. Rackspace aimed to enhance the testing process for comprehensive validation.

To delve deeper into how Rackspace successfully overcame these challenges and optimized its business processes, download our comprehensive case study. Discover the innovative solutions implemented to streamline payment processing, customize ongoing activities, facilitate smooth acquisitions, and enhance end-to-end testing. To know more about how we helped our client achieve a successful implementation, download the case study now!