Elevating Telia’s Billing Infrastructure : A Cloud Native Transformation


Telia, a prominent Swedish telecom giant, embarked on a transformative journey with Aarav Solutions to upgrade its existing On-premises BRM/ECE application. Seeking to transition to the cutting-edge Cloud Native BRM/ECE version 12.0, Telia entrusted Aarav Solutions to navigate this complex migration. This collaboration showcased Telia’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the telecom industry.


Telia faced the intricate task of seamlessly establishing a Cloud Native setup within the Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RoDOD) system. The challenge extended to accommodating a high volume of customers while ensuring a smooth go-live with minimal downtime. The imperative was to harmonize operations across multiple cloud platforms, demanding meticulous orchestration for a unified and efficient system.


To delve deeper into how Aarav Solutions successfully assisted Telia in overcoming these challenges and achieving a seamless transition to Cloud Native BRM/ECE 12.0, download our comprehensive case study. Discover the strategies, solutions, and outcomes that exemplify Telia’s commitment to innovation in the telecom industry. To know more about how we helped our client achieve a successful implementation, download the case study here.