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Deal With Abundant Information And Data With Enterprise Portal

Deal With Abundant Information And Data With Enterprise Portal

Enterprise portals (EP), or Enterprise Information Portals (EIP), do more than establishing and providing users with a centralized collaborative experience. With Enterprise Portal capabilities to deal with information glut in an organized manner, a well deployed portal can help increase productivity, improve communication among different facets of the enterprise, or organization, and further help build stronger relationship with the audience. Deemed as the strategic asset for leading enterprises, here is how you can also capitalize on the tools provided by an Enterprise Portal:


With Enterprise portals providing a single user interface for common applications, they deliver their promise of a more coherent information management platform and scale up user experience in a seamless fashion. Enterprise Portal simply reduce, or eliminate, the need for multiple logins and provides your staff with a single point of access to business systems. This is in particular is crucial for your staff as it eliminates the overwhelming experience of remembering multiple names/id and passwords, in order to access the variety of information systems your staff uses on daily basis. Enterprise Portals have very well established a reputable image in places, not limited to, such as big/small corporations, government settings, universities, colleges and schools.


Not restricted to single sign-on, the beauty of Enterprise Portal is more than what the eyes meet! With their true potential, they go a step further and tailor, or customize, information to the needs of individual staff, or groups of staff. In other words, enterprise portals have the ability to limit specific type of content, data, information and/or services users have access to; allowing only certain information to pass through to the user who is authorized to access.


As Enterprise Portal are not the only component of a company, their unique ability to integrate into an existing infrastructure is what makes them vital for enterprises, or organizations, worldwide. In other words, Enterprise Portals do not help mandate architecture rather help adapt to the one you want to build, or already have. How does this help your enterprise? Application Integration into existing system allows individuals, or groups, to deliver, access and share information regardless of the applications used.


Another feature that your enterprise can benefit from establishing an Enterprise Portal is in its key characteristic to track and monitor user behaviour on portal pages. User behavior includes, not limited to, navigation, clicks, downloads, page exits and much more, which helps generate reports. Such reports and analysis play an important role in for customer relationship management and target marketing.

Overall, Enterprise Portal is a single gateway to company’s information, data and pivotal knowledge base for employees, and potentially for customers as well, business associates and the general public. They deliver better information management solutions for users and for the enterprise as a whole. Aarav Solutions is a multifaceted organization and its team of experts are dedicated to execute and implement complete Enterprise Solutions to bring a change from the grass root level. With solutions catered for both Government and Enterprises, Aarav Solution strategically maximizes the true value through and from their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SAP (System, Applications, Products) systems by aligning processes and driving competencies to deliver services. To know more how our Enterprise Solutions can benefit your enterprise, or administration, contact us at

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