Charting a path to Enhancing Performance with Order-to-Cash Optimization and Process Automation for Broadband Industry

Organization Overview

Our customer is one of the India’s leading cable broadband and cable television service provider, that offers high-speed cable broadband services across 20 cities and cable television services across 200 cities and towns. Having more that 6.58 million subscribers, of which around 1.08 million currently have broadband internet available. Having a focus on providing the best customer experiences for its 11M+ subscribers and constantly strives to empower its users with best-in-class support and services.


Business Challenges

With consumers at the core of the visionary growth charter and continually striving to transform their business to become a trendsetter in the broadband industry. The key for the market success was to evolve their billing system. The challenges that we faced were:

  • Scalable system for company growth across India Bottlenecks in OAP GUI that call BRM APIs for various billing functionalities.
  • Frequent Session blocking during transactions
  • Bottlenecks in BRM-OSM provisioning


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