Automatic Meter Reading Box (AMRBox)

Automatic Meter Reading Box (AMRBox)

Aarav Solutions Automatic Meter Reading Box (AMRBox) is a digital utility meter box packed with a combination of technology and futuristic features. At its core, AMRBox is a byproduct of the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) with all the potential to transform our lives by positively impacting how we control our living environment.

IoT is a concept that people are grasping at an increasing rate. It has the robust capability of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing data over a network among the diverse interfaces with its system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people, who are provided with unique identifiers. Simply put, IoT is the future of absolute bliss which simplifies and enhances smart life.

Powered with advanced technology, it is a combination of handheld, mobile and network technologies which are based on telephony platforms (wired and wireless), Radio Frequency (RF), or powerline transmission. AMRBox is the technology of automatically collecting, consumption, diagnostic, status data from the water meter or energy metering devices (gas, electric), and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. Collection of the data from a centralized system allows timely exchange or flow of data, and analysis helps both the utility providers and customer better control over production and usage of electric energy, gas usage, or water consumption, respectively.

How Does Automatic Meter Reading System (AMRBox) Works?

The key components that goes into the advanced and automatic meter reading technology allowing us to send and receive information include:

> Meter Interface Units (MIU)

> Collection Gateway

> Network Server Unit

> Billing Management System

> Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Portal

Involving a high level, three-step process which gives us the sheer ability to better understand energy consumption begins with a hand-held, RF enabled unit. Here is how it works:

1) The hand-held unit is taken in close proximity to the AMR enabled water/energy meter.

2) The unit automatically captures and stores the data once in close proximity.

3) The unit is then taken to the Network Server where the readings or data is transferred to a central server, which is then utilized for analyzing and billing.

Purpose & Benefits of Automatic Meter Reading System

The purpose of Automatic Meter Reading System is to improve the quality of energy data, eradicate financial losses and prevent unfortunate complexities associated with analog or manual meter readers. With increasing consumption of energy worldwide the need to eradicate manual meter reading is a must. To be cost efficient in production and consumption is highly important for both the utility provider and the consumer. However, AMRBox does more than being accurate. Along with saving manpower it brings clarity by identifying energy or water theft or leakages. This further generates faster billing cycle leading to increased cash flow.

For instance, AMRBox takes hourly (typically) meter readings transmitted over RF to the utility provider. Even more, the meter readings are also transmitted to the utility provider at periodic intervals. Since human errors are eliminated by automating the process of collecting data from the meters, better data with accuracy is obtained. With precise data at your disposal, you can manage and identify leakages or theft leading to financial losses or mismanagement.

Additionally, AMRBox works seamlessly in populated areas. Two variants of AMRBox come with radius coverage of either with Long Range Radio Frequency or Short Range Radio Frequency. Automatic meter reading also enhance health and safety of employees in situations where installations are difficult to read. Since the data is present in real-time you could provide your customer with real-time information for their utility consumption queries.

In Summary

Automatic Meter Reading Box is a robust tool capable of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing data over the network which paves the path for great customer service and employee satisfaction. Industries around the world are actively adopting the latest innovation and technologies. With the assistance of IoT we get to obtain real-time information which enhances the quality of our lives consistently. Aarav Solutions’ team of experts and professionals aim to transform and promote businesses by assisting them to grow with the exceptional technological expertise it possesses.

The ease of use with plug and play devices makes AMRBox a unique solution to the ever rising challenges faced by the consumer and the service providers. Multilevel security built in protocol makes the entire process not just seamless, but safer as well.

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