Adptx Comm Service

Adptx Comm: DevOps Platform

Adptx Comm: DevOps Platform

Adptx Comm DevOps platform for Oracle BRM has been designed based on our consulting, implementation and support experience of more than 150,000+ man hours. We have developed this platform in our dedicated Oracle ODC (Offshore Development Center) based on research onsite and offsite, managing the billing tasks daily 24X7 throughout the year. We understand the pain and error prone process much better. Adptx Comm DevOps platform is user-friendly interface to manage and streamline all mundane daily billing operations. The platform offers highly integrated approach, zero tolerance for error and quicker process execution.

All-in-one Solution for BRM DevOps

Shorter implementation & deployment time due to built-in capabilities.

Console & Web interface to carry out activities from server/client machine.

Simple & intuitive interface for ease of use.

Monitor & manage activities for multiple application instances from one place.

Configurable framework allows easy integration of custom functionalities.

Easy addition or rearrangement of menu option requiring few configurations only

Realize the true potential of Oracle BRM with Adptx Comm Devops platform based on expertise from our BRM Consultants

  • 150,000+

    Consulting Man days

  • 40%

    Reduced Deployment Time

  • 35%

    Increase in Efficiency

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