Aarav Solutions Revolutionizes Billing Operations with Oracle BRM Monitoring & Observability

Customer Overview

Aarav Solutions is proud to showcase the success story of our esteemed client, Equifax, a leading consumer credit reporting agency based in the USA. With a global footprint, Equifax specializes in collecting and aggregating information on individual consumers and businesses worldwide. Offering crucial services such as credit monitoring and fraud prevention directly to consumers, Equifax relies on Oracle BRM to effectively monetize its comprehensive suite of offerings.


Business Challenges

Equifax encountered significant challenges in the monitoring and observability of its Oracle BRM implementation. The existing setup heavily relied on manual monitoring and batch scripts, leading to critical limitations in gaining a holistic view of the system and application health. This lack of observability posed obstacles in incident triage, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and overall evaluation of application performance.
To address these challenges, Aarav Solutions collaborated closely with Equifax to implement a revolutionary solution that transformed their billing operations.


To delve deeper into the journey of how Aarav Solutions partnered with Equifax to overcome these challenges and achieve a successful implementation of Oracle BRM Monitoring & Observability, download the full case study now.