Aarav Solutions’ Oracle SCM Consulting at leading credit management and analytics organization

Customer Overview

Our client, a global leader renowned for its unwavering commitment to technical standards, information protection, and excellence in software development practices, sets the bar high for business standards worldwide. With a strong emphasis on client information protection, compliance, and maintaining excellence in business practices, our client stands as a beacon of success in the competitive business landscape.

Business Challenges

Despite the client’s stellar reputation, they encountered several challenges in managing their supply chain operations:

  • Addressing Time and Labour (OTL) and Timesheet Submission Issues: The client faced issues in efficiently managing Time and Labour, leading to complications in timesheet submissions.
  • Resolving Accounts Receivable (AR) Process Close Issues: Challenges in closing the Accounts Receivable process posed hurdles in maintaining a streamlined financial operation.
  • Overcoming Challenges in Inventory Items Inclusion/Update: The inclusion and update of inventory items proved to be a bottleneck in ensuring a smooth Order to Cash Process.
  • Implementing Controls on Approval Limits and Other Approval Management Aspects: The client needed to establish robust controls on approval limits and other aspects of approval management to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Identifying and Fixing Potential Issues Affecting AR or GL Period Close: The task of identifying and rectifying potential issues affecting Accounts Receivable or General Ledger Period close presented a significant challenge.

Curious to know how we helped our client overcome these challenges and achieve successful implementation?
Dive deeper into our comprehensive case study to gain insights into the strategic solutions deployed, the transformative impact on supply chain operations, and the ultimate success story.