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Top 8 Web Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Top 8 Web Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Changing user expectations and the constant evolution of technology makes it imperative for web developers to stay on top of innovations and trends in web development technology now-a-days. Often, it has been seen that it is those who ride the wave of change rather than the late adapters who get the true advantage of technological innovation in the web development space.

2017 was an eventful year for the web development industry, we saw the advent of JavaScript frameworks like Vue and UX based development processes. Another exciting development in the last few years has been the rising use of mobile browsing – which saw all websites investing in mobile friendly designs. But looking to the future, we see a lot more to come.

Here are the Top 8 Web Development Trends that have us excited for 2018:


Responsive web design is what allows a website to showcase its content in the best possible way – no matter which device you access it on. A high performing website looks good and loads quickly on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. This has been made possible through a concept known as “Accelerated Mobile Pages” or AMP. AMP enhances the overall performance of the website and ads while improving website speed and user experience.


One of the best examples of a Single Page Application or SPA is Facebook. The design of an SPA enhances the user experience by eliminating the need to reload the page again and again. This is done with the clever use of JavaScript to load the content. SPAs show natural behavior with no extra waiting time.

3) RAIL PERFORMANCE (Response, Animation, Idle, Load)

RAIL is a concept used to analyze a website’s performance on four different parameters.

i) Response – Counts the reaction time after every input.

ii) Animation – Compares the animations with the idle rate i.e. 60 frames per second.

iii) Idle – Essential for work being done in the background

iv) Load – Should happen within one second for the initial paint

RAIL aims to be a standardized user centric approach that may assess the performance of any website.


Websites with push notifications help you reach a vast audience through online marketing. Push notifications help to inform and engage users on a better level than any other technology. Online marketers have found push notifications very useful in informing their customers of promotional offers, discounts and other customer centric activities. But overuse of push notifications has also been known to work adversely.


Online support systems or chatbots are turning into a cost effective way of rendering customer service. Chatbots are efficient, available 24×7 and can be programmed to speak to potential customers at their convenience.


Functional programming or using a functional code to create a computer program is one of the latest innovations in web development. It entails approaching computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions thus avoiding changing state and mutable data.

Web developers across the world agree that working with a functional code is easier than an object oriented or imperative code. It known to be easier to conceptualize, to write and to test.

Wikipedia defines functional programming as a style of building the structure and elements of a software. This is the most widely accepted definition.


Using Motion UI in your website design enables you to use a minimalistic design and enhance user experience with the use of motion. Now-a-days users prefer less clutter on the webpage and find interactive elements interesting. Motion UI does exactly that to make your user experience rank higher.

However, use of motion just for the sake of it will not make a website user experience better. It must be done only with proper research into UX/UI.


One of the most recent innovations in web development is the growing popularity of browser extensions. Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge among other popular browsers have a wide range of useful browser extensions that users may opt from. However, the downside is that users are reluctant to install browser extensions which may read into their online activities. So if you plan to create a browser extension in 208, be sure to pay a lot of attention to privacy settings that will help you gain the trust of your users.

No matter what you choose to implement in 2018, it is bound to be an exciting year full of new innovations and ideas in web development. At Aarav Solutions we thrive on technological innovations and trending ideas in web development. We offer enterprise web development services like web development and .NET framework, reporting framework, reporting applications, Oracle Discoverer and Middleware databases.

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