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Igniting Solutions For Cloud Services- Aarav Solutions

Igniting Solutions For Cloud Services- Aarav Solutions

Enabling organizations to focus on their core businesses to lead with better resource allocation, consistent performance and greater flexibility are few reasons behind the success of cloud computing. Thus, by avoiding and minimizing your time from building, maintaining and updating computer infrastructure, cloud services reduces IT costs while ensuring enterprises get their applications up and running faster with improved manageability.

Cloud computing is enabling enterprises of all sizes to use “pay-as-you-go” model, letting companies to rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable demands. Cloud computing is very similar to public utility where its high-level services allows you to access data and information from anywhere, at anytime.

Here are few ways how cloud services are igniting solutions to achieve most basic of human goals: innovation.

Productivity- Foremost, cloud services are safe and secure, allowing multiple users at the same time the ability to access, modify and update the same data, rather than waiting for it be saved, emailed and modified and repeat the mundane process.

By outsourcing operational IT work to a third-party you shift the risks associated with having to maintain an in-house IT infrastructure, thus saving time and money to be spent on other key areas.

Additionally, cloud computing allows you to develop speed and agility, acting as a facilitator, that directly affects the ability of an enterprise to develop products and respond to customer needs, which gives the companies greater competitive edge.

Reduction in Costs- Cloud service providers claim reduction in costs, where capital expenditure is converted and boosted into operational expenditure.

In a survey conducted by Rackspace, in conjunction with Manchester Business School and Vandon Bourne, found that 88 percent of cloud users saved capital expenditures through cloud computing, where 56 were able to boost profits and other 60 percent of companies where able to reduce the need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure, giving them time to focus on strategy and innovation.

Anywhere, Anytime Access- One of the fundamental requirements of cloud computing is to avoid unauthorized access to systems and protect organization assets, while allowing them to access system using a web browser (via internet) regardless of their location, or devices such as tablets, PC, mobile phones, etc., to connect anywhere, anytime.

Security- Cloud computing is more secure than traditional IT setup. With different set of security requirements, cloud computing identifies important gaps in security measures which are not filled by conventional access control models.

To the contrary, many believe that traditional methods are better than cloud computing, where it’s more secured and safe to store data on servers and systems you own, or control. However, control does not mean security and the physical location of critical data matter less than the means of access. Providers who build cloud-based platforms for enterprises typically focus on security and regulations than those systems that exist inside firewalls.

In conclusion, cloud services increases agility, reduces capital expenditure on IT infrastructure, is independent of device/location, boosts profits, reduces maintenance, enhances security, increases user flexibility with re-provisioning, adding, or expanding technological infrastructure resources.

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