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Hasslefree Management Solution For Education Institutes

Hasslefree Management Solution For Education Institutes

How about automating all operations for school staff, students, teachers and/or parents at institutes such as university, college, or school? Perhaps, start updating parents about events and holidays digitally? Or, dwell in real progress by engaging students, teacher and professors/teachers in online discussion forums for an actual insight? If you are looking to improve communications and managerial aspects at your educational institute then Aarav Solutions have the prime solution that you are seeking in the form of aSMS (Aarav’s School Management System). With user friendly interface and role based access, here is how aSMS can help you manage day-to-day activities digitally with its high level feature module and make your educational institute move forward triumphantly.

1) Interface Technology

At its core, aSMS is foolproof for any user. In other words, with its smart, scalable and customizable design you get to navigate with user friendly interface. However, the most crucial aspect of our management system is in its ability to everyone within the education system a role based access, thus keeping crucial information secured and restricted from reaching out in wrong hands.

2) Advantage to Institute

Foremost, by digitizing managerial aspects of your institute you get to dominate with complete automation with one single software to manage all school-related information from anywhere in the school which is easy to use, secured and reliable. This lets you engage and focus more time on strategic tasks, which often get ignored in the noise. Instituted get to make better informed decisions such as access to student’s profile with all academic information available through the internet for parents, feeding efficiency and reducing walk-ins from parents for trivial tasks, or inquiry.

3) Enabling Young And Creative Minds

Enabling how? aSMS enables enhanced interaction with teachers, peers and parents by giving young and creative minds the platform to publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums. While giving students updated and current information one events and holidays, it further gives the students the freedom to browse through library books catalog and identify the book(s) to be issued. Additionally, access to individual attendance, timetables, marks, grades and examination schedule brings clarity and increases productivity.

4) Guru, Bringing Light to Darkness

By automating and digitizing processes, teachers increase connectivity, coherence and be more interactive with their students. For instance, mundane yet crucial tasks such as attendance are automated and with computerized management of student examination, marks and grades make the process convenient. E-mail and internal messaging systems work as the perfect median to exchange information instantly. Such automatic processes when aligned with analytic reports, only feed relevancy to the overall organization of institute activities.

5) Parents/Guardian, Part Of The System

One of the most innovative feature of aSMS is in its ability to let parents/guardians connection and participation with the institute effectively and easily. Frequent interaction with teachers, school updates through articles, active participation in school activities, update on their child/ward’s attendance, reports and fees payments are readily available. Through internal messaging integrated within the software parents are bound to be more informed and engaging.

In conclusion, you get to secure data, increase communication across peers and automate traditional roles which don’t fit the profile, such as the task of attendance which have been performed by teachers for ages, or students limited access to their academic performance. Furthermore, features within our pioneering school management system, aSMS, can assist you with enrollment, financial, attendance, student/family data, faculty and payroll, fluently! To know more, contact us through our various communication channels and let harmony reign!

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