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ERP Services: A Stepping Stone Towards Business Growth

ERP Services: A Stepping Stone Towards Business Growth

ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. Though the term sounds intimidating, it is a very important aspect of running a successful business. ERP services involve building software and systems that help in the day to day functioning of a business. It is helpful in the efficient management of business activities such as manufacturing, procurement, accounting, human resources, operations etc.

Aarav Solutions offers ERP services along with business process management. Our services have helped numerous businesses across India build comprehensive software systems to manage their businesses and automate back office functions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Irrespective of the scale of business, industry or number of employees – every company should consider adopting ERP services to boost business growth.

Aarav Solutions offers the following ERP services for their clients to choose from:

  • ORACLE EBS: Oracle E-Business Suite is a wide ranging ERP solutions suite that successfully integrates all business applications to increase business productivity and reduce costs.
  • SAP: SAP Services by Aaarav Solutions are an advanced IT Implementation service which helps to create a higher business value and steadiness.
  • PeopleSoft: A unique business process integration software which is known for smoother implementation and application customizations.
  • Siebel: Siebel consulting and optimization services have helped several businesses across our country to integrate business functions with efficiency.

For a better understanding of ERP, here are some of the important trends seen in ERP services in the recent past are:

  • Mobile ERP: Increasingly, businesses are demanding mobile access to real time information. This is helpful in speeding up the decision making process and improving connectivity of business processes.
  • Cloud ERP: Cloud technology as a basis of ERP services is gaining popularity among businesses across the country. Initially, businesses were skeptical about placing ERP data on the cloud, but this mindset is changing now. Especially after the advantages of cloud technology become more and more apparent.
  • Social ERP: Aarav Solutions understands the importance of social media for businesses today. Therefore many of our ERP Service Suites include social media services for the benefit of our clients. This is the latest trend among ERP services today.
  • Two Tier ERP: The most efficient ERP model seen in business across industries has been a system which comprises of a bunch of business applications rather than a single integrated software. Even now, most businesses in India prefer a two tier ERP model.

In our country’s dynamic business environment, here are the top five reasons why you should consider getting ERP Solutions which are suitable to your business:

 1. Reduce Costs: ERP systems help automate most of the back office functions improving accuracy and reducing the cost of manpower and time taken to conduct those functions. Even though building an ERP system is a considerable one time cost for every business, in the long run ERP systems help in significantly reducing day to day costs.

2. Improving quality & accessibility of data: ERP software reduces duplicity of data and improves accuracy of data analysis through automation. It also helps to place user permissions wherever required, so that only the right people may access the righ information when needed. Thus improving accessibility of data and quality of decision making.

3. Reporting: With better accuracy and quality of data ERP solutions help generate real time reports which are quick to access and act as a better guide for decision making than manual crunching of numbers.

4. Transparency: With all the business processes integrated on a single network, it is easy to improve visibility and transparency of all business functions within the company.

5. Customer satisfaction: Improved business efficiency ultimately leads to a smoother experience for the customers who interact with your business and higher satisfaction.

Aarav Solutions is a leading name in IT Infrastructure and Telecom Consultancy Services. We provide a plethora of Enterprise Solutions including ERP services to businesses across the country. Our vision is to transform Indian businesses with the help of innovative technological solutions and our expertise. We aim to provide each of our clients with out-of-the box solutions which are customized for their needs and helps their business surge ahead in today’s dynamic business environment. Aarav Solutions helps businesses gain a competitive edge with the best ERP Services. We work closely with our clients to create scalable, customizable and efficient ERP systems which the business may rely on for the long term.

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