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Enterprise Portal- ERP Helping Government And Enterprise Progress Monumentally!

Enterprise Portal- ERP Helping Government And Enterprise Progress Monumentally!

If your enterprise, or organization, is plagued with patchy competence and would like to steer ahead with operational excellence, then ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is what your business needs. In today’s competitiveness, running a business only from brick and mortar is not up to par to meet the demands of the tech-savvy age and mark your presence online with precision. However, ERP is not just proving to be beneficial for businesses in private sector, rather in government offices and administration as well. With its citizen-centric, customer-oriented and forward thinking approach through cloud networking, enterprise mobility and analytics, ERP systems are tools and resources which can help enterprises to manage all their activities in order to increase overall performance and reach corporate goals. In a nutshell, the primary objective of using an ERP is to provide one central warehouse for all information and improve the flow of data across departments, which can be accessed and shared with various ERP facets. Here is how ERP solutions from Aarav Solutions, as a single integrated service provider and with extensive range of suitable products & services, can help you manage projects and integrate operations across all facets of your enterprise, or organization, leading to comprehensive planning, financing, human resources, accounting and much more.

1) Security

One of the biggest advantages you can reap benefit of ERP is data security! ERP software helps you control who can see and edit information, thus ensuring the security of data. Given its single input system, merging information from various systems into a single bundle of information, helps you improve accuracy, consistency and security of your company’s data. In other words, you can give access to critical financial data to the accounting department/manager, while denying access to others within the same system. ERP makes operations this convenient!

2) Department Collaboration

Running a siloed business with departments functioning separately from each others are tell tale signs of race to the bottom. With centralized data, consistency and ease-to-share valuable information, collaborating departments is crucial and necessary part of an enterprise. In other words, interdepartmental efforts with ERP software affect almost every aspect of a business and, can heal your business from mismanagement and avoid maladministration.

3) Reporting and Planning

Implementing ERP suite across departments helps make reporting easier and more customizable. With your enterprise consisting of a single, unified reporting system for every process, you get to respond to complex data requests more easily and, readily generate useful reports and analytics at any time. Eliminating multiple spreadsheets and emails, and saving time, ERP gives you the ability to run your own reports, analyze and compare functions across all departments. Detailed reports and analysis aid in corporate planning by giving insights which boost strength to operations and trouble areas which need improvement.

4) High-Quality Customer Service

As we know, customer acquisition and retention is the prime target of a business. ERP improves customer relationship and services offered to them. Since customer information is centralized and streamlined, your employees are more efficient in building customer relationships and maintaining customer services. Further, ERP offers consistency detailed insights and end-to-end tracking, which enhances customer interaction from targeted marketing, leading all the way to late-phase customer service.

5) Lower Costs

ERP systems lowers administrative and operations costs, including IT and training costs. For instance, with a single, unified system the requirements for end-users for training purposes reduces significantly as there is only need to learn one system rather than interacting with numerous applications. This helps enterprises to proactively manage and prevent disruptions in operations, and make decisions faster.

At the heart of ERP is efficiency, accuracy, mobility, scalability and streamlined processes. When met with the right vendor matching right solutions for your business, and its needs, you are bound to see sales growth, customer/end-user satisfaction and powerful ROI. Furthermore, cloud-based ERP systems offer enhanced degree of security, giving you backup to critical and sensitive data. Contact us today and know how Aarav Solutions can help you and your enterprise secure profitability across all facets of the organization!

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