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Enabling Enterprises- Cloud Services

Enabling Enterprises- Cloud Services

Reduced IT costs, increase in data security and identifying gaps unaddressed by conventional access control methods in security measures are few of many ways how cloud services are enabling organizations or enterprises be better. Cloud services successfully offer an enterprise to focus on their core businesses to lead with better resource allocation, consistent performance, and greater flexibility.

Enterprises of all sizes are adapting to the revolutionizing Cloud technology must faster than ever before. For instance, Cloud services reduce IT costs by ensuring and avoiding the need for building, maintaining and/or updating computer infrastructure. This allows allocating valuable time to other facets of the enterprise while ensuring they get their applications up and running faster with improved manageability.

Without further ado, let us see how your enterprise can reap benefits of cloud services.

One-size-fits-all Service: Cloud Services uses “pay-as-you-go” model, which enables an enterprise of any size to rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable demands.

Unlimited Access: At its core Cloud technology avoids unauthorized access to systems and protect organization assets while allowing them to access system using a web browser regardless of their location or devices such as tables, PC, mobile phones, etc., to connect anywhere, anytime. Thus enabling unlimited access from anywhere, anytime is at the core of cloud computing.

Minding the Security Gap: Security of data and information is crucial to the success of any enterprise. Cloud services secure vital data and information with essential security measures. Traditional IT setup offered secured and safe methods to store data on servers and systems you own or control such as on-site servers. However, with the Cloud technology allowing secured access from any location, critical data is accessible to you or the authorized personnel because with cloud computing physical location does not mean restricted access to data. Thus by identifying the barriers and gaps with traditional security measures, cloud computing measures all your enterprise data and information in more safe and secure setup.

Cost Reduction: Capital expenditure is significantly reduced by implementing Cloud technology. Enterprises benefit with reduction in capital expenditure and utilize cost savings for other aspects such as operational expenditure. Enterprises have benefited with a reduction in capital expenditure as high as 60% by reducing the need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure.

Productivity: Once an enterprise opts for Cloud services and outsources operational IT work to a third-party the risks associated with having to maintain an in-house IT infrastructure are also shifted to the third-party. This enables the enterprise to save both time and money to be spent on other key areas.

In Conclusion, cloud services are safe and secure, allowing multiple users at the same time the ability to access, modify and update the same data rather than waiting to be saved, emailed and modified and repeat the mundane process. They offer myriad of ways to bring efficiency, increase ROI’s and maximize an enterprise’s output with a handful of infrastructure and control setbacks.

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