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AMRBox & Internet Of Things (IoT) Powering Better Energy Data Consumption

AMRBox & Internet Of Things (IoT) Powering Better Energy Data Consumption

Imagine a futuristic world of farming where smart sensors could provide moisture level, monitor soil condition, alert farmers in advance about droughts, heavy rainfall and other disastrous calamities disrupting one of the basic needs essential to human survival, food. In our rapidly evolving world of technology that very future of absolute bliss for the entire mankind may not be far from us where a farmer could from a phone device, for instance, could automatically collect consumption data, diagnostic and status data from water meters, or any other energy metering device such as gas, or electricity. With the help of IoT (Internet of Things) concept farmers would be able to do even more such as transfer that data for billing, troubleshooting and analyzing. What is IoT? IoT is a concept that has all the potential to transform our lives, literally, positively impacting on how we work while constantly evolving with better, faster and convenient solutions for everyone.

An example of human ingenuity and pioneering solutions of IoT for agriculture is Aarav Solutions’ AMRBox (Automatic Meter Reading Box). Here is a quick insight into the true potential of AMRBox from which both the customer and utility service providers will benefit from.

Purpose of AMRBox

Eliminate Manual Meter Reading- By eliminating manual meter reading AMRBox resolves the need of manpower while further eliminating any human errors.

Accuracy- Since human errors are eliminated by automating the process of collecting data from utility meters, better quality data with accuracy is obtained.

Identify Theft/Leakage- Crucial to generating more revenue for utility providers and avoiding theft for customers automatic meter reading does it all. With precise data at your disposal, you can manage and identify loopholes leading to financial losses.

Effective Management- Automatic meters help you understand utility consumption with real-time usage profile which is the perfect tool to effectively manage the services boosting transparency.

Employee Safety & Customer Service- Automatic utility meters also enhance health and safety of employees in situations where installations are difficult to read. Since the data is present in real-time you could provide your customer with real-time information for their utility consumption queries.

Benefits of AMRBox

Addressing the key challenges such as, to name a few:

  • Per capita availability of water, for instance, in urban India declining due to factors including population growth, urbanization, etc, leading to reliance on expensive water tankers.
  • Need for accurate and precise data.
  • Increase amount of unaccounted data readings on the rise.

Capturing utility data with Aarav Solutions AMRBox is as simple as taking a hand-held RF-enabled device in close proximity to the AMR enabled water/energy meter.

Further, the device automatically captures and stores data, which is then taken to the network server where the readings are transferred to a central server, enabling you to use the data for analysis and billing.

Meter readings are transmitted to the service provider automatically at periodic intervals.

With real-time consumption analysis, minimum maintenance, low and easy installation costs, and real-time alerts automatic meter reading truly transforms how we think utility meter readings.

Advanced and automatic meter reading technology has the sheer ability to transform our lives by making us better understand our energy consumption and prevent unfortunate complexities, or even financial losses. However, what makes Aarav Solutions AMRBox truly exceptional is in its ability to positively impact our understanding of utility meters data and its ease of use for both the customer and the service provider. AMRBox is truly an evolution of the internet and at its foundation, it is a robust tool capable of collecting, storing, analyzing and distributing data over the network. Furthermore, AMRBox reduces re-billing costs, delays in billing, increases cash flow, upsurges usage satisfaction and much more.

To know more about how AMRBox can help you deliver and consume energy effective, contact Aarav Solutions at +912642227280 and step forward to a world without human-to-human, or human-to-computer interaction.

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