Aarav Solutions Welcomes David Cook To The Board Of Directors

Aarav Solutions Welcomes David Cook To The Board Of Directors

December 1st 2018 – Aarav Solutions an Oracle Gold Partner for Oracle Monetization Cloud (OMC) announced today the appointment of monetization pioneer and spokesperson David Cook to the Board of Directors.

“Aarav Solutions and its principles have made me look good on a myriad of high profile projects at Internap, SiriusXM, Hughes, Verizon, Hyundai, and several stealth MVNOs so I am especially excited to be an advisor to CEO Raj Darji as he accelerates Aarav Solution’s global growth.” ~David Cook

Aarav Solutions is an expert in implementing and developing highly integrated platforms that provide transparent and real-time information across the organization. Aarav Solutions caters to helping customers “Be Digital” across multiple domains such as telecom, finance, digital printing, cable TV and more.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have David Cook join our Board of Directors to help advise on our global expansion. David’s 100 day launches really opened our eyes to what is possible with the TM Forum Business Process Framework, Oracle Communications Software, and Aarav Solution’s technical expertise. This is a really exciting time for Aarav Solutions.” ~Raj Darji

Oracle Monetization Cloud is a cloud-based charging, billing, payments, and revenue management platform for subscription-based products and services. It evolved from Oracle’s on-premise Rapid Offer Design & Order Delivery (RODOD) which was the first solution certified to be TMForum Frameworx compliant with the TMForum’s eTom Business Process Framework as defined by the TMForum Members.

Aarav Solutions has specialized in launching service businesses with the TMForum eTom processes on the Oracle OMC and RODOD platform.

David Cook is a credit card subscription management and monetization leader and spokesperson with 30 years’ experience launching and relaunching subscription management systems for many of the brands we all know and love typically in as little as 100 days.

About Aarav Solutions

Aarav Solutions is a leading provider of IT solutions in telecom, government & enterprise and Banking & Finance industries. We aim to transform and promote businesses by helping them grow using our high-end solutions and exceptional technological expertise. With expertise in Oracle implementation and services, we hold proficiency in providing out-of-the-box solutions to yield results for our customers. We have a global presence and R&D centers in the USA and India.

More information is available on: www.aaravsolutions.com