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A Quick View Of Cloud Services – Advantages & Disadvantages

A Quick View Of Cloud Services - Advantages & Disadvantages

Companies of all sizes are adapting to Cloud technology much faster than ever before. What makes cloud services unique to benefit all types of business is the increase in data security by identifying important gaps in security measures which are not filled by conventional access control models. However, just like the two sides of the same coin cloud services comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Let us understand and take a look at these advantages and disadvantages of cloud services:


1) Security

Crucial to the success of any enterprise securing data and information is essential. Traditional IT setup offers secured and safe to store data on servers and systems you own, or control, such as on-site servers. With cloud computing, however, you get different set of essential security requirements missing from traditional IT setup because physical location does not mean restricted access to critical data. Simply put, with Cloud computing identifying barriers and gaps in security measures all your enterprise data and information is more secure than traditional IT setup.

2) Reduction in Costs

One-way cloud computing helps reduce costs is by reducing capital expenditure and converting it to, for instance, boost operational expenditure. Enterprises who opt for cloud computing have seen the reduction in capital expenditure to as high as 60% by reducing the need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure. While cloud computing gave the enterprises more access to focus on strategy and innovation 56% of cloud technology users were able to boost profits.

3) Ease of Access

Cloud computing enables you to spend your enterprise’s valuable time and money by increasing productivity through its comprehensive platform. It allows multiple users at the same time to access, modify and update data in a safe and secure manner from anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, data recovery is also possible with cloud computing since your data is distributed across multiple failover points.


1) Lock-In

When it comes to usability cloud computing is flexible to use and can integrate easily, however, an enterprise might find it difficult to switch from one cloud computing vendor to another putting them in a lock-in. In other words, migration from one cloud service provider to another might prove to be difficult due to interoperability and support issues.

2) Infrastructure Control

The infrastructure for cloud computing is provided by the third-party, you get to have restricted control over the backend infrastructure itself. Simply put, cloud computing does make it easier to manage and control the data, information, and services on it, however, as a customer you and your enterprise have no control over the management, ownership, and monitoring of the cloud infrastructure and is the sole proprietorship of the service provider.

3) Internal Systems

One disadvantage that is often met my small and mid-sized companies in the handling of cloud operations through their internal systems. This disadvantage does not arise from cloud services itself, rather from enterprise’s internal systems which operate the cloud services. If you are looking to deploy cloud services it is critical to assess the internal systems and their capabilities to support cloud operations such as consistent high-speed downloads and uploads, or required bandwidth needed to access cloud services flawlessly.

In conclusion, cloud services offer a myriad of ways to be more efficient, increase ROI’s and maximize your enterprise’s output with a handful of infrastructure and control setbacks. However, cloud services prove beneficial for the long run since the majority of capital expenditure to manage and operate IT infrastructure is reduced .

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